Visit England’s Old Capital City Winchester

Visit England’s Old Capital City Winchester

Visit England’s Old Capital City Winchester

Winchester Is located about 1 hour away from London and about 20 minutes away from Southampton.  It was the capital of England before London for about 300 hundred years around the time of King Alfred the Great. It has a rich history and a close connection with the kings and queens of the medieval period and earlier.  If you want to visit a tradition old fashion medieval city there is no better place to visit, as most of the building and layout of the city has not been changed in hundreds of years. Make sure to take out Domestic Travel Insurance before you visit this medieval city.

Locations to visit

There is several locations that you have to visit if you come to Winchester.  I will be taking you through some of the most famous locations and my favourite places to go.

Winchester Cathedral

The Winchester Cathedral was built original in 642 AD and the current building was built in 1079AD.  It is located in the center of the city.  It is one of the largest Cathedrals in England, has one the largest naves, and largest total area for any gothic style cathedral in Europe.  Over the years it has hold many funerals, coronations and marriages for kings and queens of England the last being the marriage of Queen Mary I (Tudor) of England and King Philip II of Spain in 1554.  It is also the final resting place of the great author of Jane Austen.  Additional the Cathedral has a wonderful grounds what great to relax and explore. It was also one of the sites for the movie Da Vinci Code.


The Great Hall and the Round Table

Located at the top of the High Street and 5 minute walk from the train station.  The Great hall is one of the finest surviving halls in the country and it houses the famous round table made famous by the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  It is an absolutely beautiful hall made from flint.  The table is mounted on the side wall.  It brings back the childhood memories of the story of King Arthur every time I see it.  Also located behind the building is the garden of Queen Eleanor and a model size town layout of the city.

The Westgate

Can be found just below the Great Hall and at the top of the High street.  It is the most famous gate in Winchester and over the years there has been many pictures made of it from famous painters like William Prosser.  It now houses part of the Winchester Museum that is very interesting to visit if you are interested in the history of Winchester.  It used to be used as the Gaul and debtors prison once the need for a fortified gate wasn’t needed anymore.

King Alfred the Great Statue

King Alfred the Great is the only monarch in English history to be given the title of great, he ruled most of England at the time from his capital Winchester.  He was the King that started the idea of having a united England as at the time it was a selection of small kingdoms.  The Statue is located at the bottom of the high street.

Winchester College to the Abby Grounds

This an absolute stunning walk that you can take, that starts at Winchester College and ends up in the Abby Grounds.  You can start your walk at the Wkyeham Arms what is a lovely small pub/ hotel/ restaurant close to the cathedral and Winchester College.  You walk past the Winchester College what has some amazing building and houses the Winchester Bible.  This street was used in part of the movie Le miserable.  You then walk past the ruins of the Winchester palace, carrying on along the river with its wonderful picturesque scenery.  Until you reach the pub called the Bishop on the Bridge. Then it’s a brief walk towards the King Alfred Statue and then the Abby grounds is on your left.  A perfect place for a picnic weather permitting.

Charles Walters is a Covermore travel blogger, who grew up as a child in the beautiful city of Winchester.  He has been traveling around the UK looking for old and beautiful cities to explore.  Whether you live in the UK or visiting from Australia, Get your Covermore quote today and enjoy this wonderful city.

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