Villas Holiday Tips In Europe

Villas Holiday Tips In Europe: Villas holiday is a term that describes various forms of self-catering accommodation, most of which feature a luxury villa. Self-catering means that you hire a holiday home for the duration of your stay in which you will find all the facilities you need to cater for your needs. Naturally, the specs will changes depending on the individual property, though it will normally feature a homely warm feeling combined with luxury. If you are considering a holiday villa this year, we have prepared a number of tips to ensure complete satisfaction.


Finding A Villa – There are three common ways to find your dream holiday home. Often it is a case of personal recommendations based on your family member or friend’s recommendation. Alternatively, you can use many of the dedicated travel agents who source villas on your behalf and act as the agent between you and the villa owner. The last option is to source the accommodation directly from the owner. Naturally, if the property is located overseas you will quickly run into language difficulties. In most cases personal recommendations and travel agents are the preferred manner.


Transport – The nature of self-catering means that you should make your own plans including transportation plans. Pay particular attention to your options and plan from how to arrive at the holiday home to how you intend to move around. Make these plans well ahead of time as in some rural destinations public transport may prove less available than you are accustomed to.  During the warm season and if ability permits, you are highly recommended to hire bicycles to move around as most holiday homes are located in near scenic routes.


Make A List Of Spec – We said in the beginning that the internal spec would vary between homes. You will do well to note down what you require as essential and compare against the spec. If items are missing it is often recommended to contact the owner or travel agent, as items could be sourced in ways such as hire or borrow. Pay attention to babies and kids, which might require equipment such as feeding chair and any elderly (or physically disabled individuals) who might require walking and bathing aids.


Travel Insurance – Most seasoned holidaymakers are already aware of the importance of travel insurance. However, in the case of self-catering you should also ensure that contents insurance is included. Damage to the property (even accidental) will require payment on your part. If you already have a policy in place, give your insurers a quick call go over any eventuality.


Private Pool – In many countries such as Italy, France, Spain and others who enjoy warm summers, private pools are in integrated part of any holiday villa. You are urged to pay extra attention to health and safety issues, in particular when little ones are using the pool or even playing near the pool area. At night or when not in use, cover the pool area (if possible). When in use, ensure that an adult is supervising its use.


Holiday Villas and Pets – It is becoming more and more popular to bring the family’s pet(s) on self-catering holiday, in particular when holiday homes in France are concerned due to the proximity and possible transportation by car. In most cases, owners will not look kindly at this as the property is often maintained to high level and the interior is normally delicate. Prior to departing, check with the owners or travel agents if pets are permitted.


Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


Written by ABTA and ATOL protected affair travel. Travel agents offering villas in Corsica, Croatia, France and Corsica.