Undiscovered Gems in the UK

Undiscovered Gems in the UK

Undiscovered Gems in the UK:

When tourists come to the United Kingdom, it is usually to visit the well-known tourist sites like Buckingham palace, the Stonehenge, and other similar locations.
What people forget is that the UK has many lesser-known tourist sites that are just as attractive. These locations have wonderful lodges as well as bed and breakfast facilities that will allow visitors to tour late in the night and remain safe within the area. This allows them sufficient time to enjoy the sights and sound available in these undiscovered gems.

One of these undiscovered gems is in the Skomer Island of Wales. The islands are less than five miles but are rich in wildlife. Some of the creatures found here include puffins and seals. You will not only get amazing shots but you get to enjoy the island at a very affordable price. Bed and breakfast self-catering services exist. Wales also has a wonderful sanctuary in the form of the Isle of Anglesey and Caernarfon. The latter boasts of a castle built by King Edward 1.

Scotland also holds a hidden gem in the form of , found within the Gigha area. The area experiences a great moderate climate and provides scenic beaches for sea lovers who hate overcrowded facilities. The area is accessible by ferry and has accommodation services for tourists lucky enough to visit the area.

England has some undiscovered gems in the form of Walney, a nature lovers’ paradise. The area boasts over 200 bird species, over 350 species of butterflies and moths as well as over 400 flowering plants species. The area also has two reserves that are quite famous for bird watching. Bed and breakfast as well as other accommodation facilities exist at an affordable price should you be lucky enough to visit the area. Other additional undiscovered gems in England include¬† Cheltenham, Ely, Norwich, Wells and many more. These areas provide a fascinating insight into the history of the places and the whole of the UK in general.

When booking bed and breakfast facilities in the UK, it is important to consider a few factors. One of these factors is accessibility. It is important as a tourist travelling to any of these undiscovered tourist gems to ensure you find out all the information possible about how you are going to access modes of transport. Some areas require air transport or ferry and as a tourist, you should be able to know how frequently you can access these means of transport.

It is also important for you to consider cost when accessing these accommodation facilities. Bed and breakfast facilities are usually, cheaper than mainstream hotels. Additionally, they provide customers with comfort foods as opposed to fine dining. Most travellers love this style of cooking because it has no pretence to it. The lower costs are appropriate should you be a tourist who is on a budget trip.

It is important to remember to inquire if the bed and breakfast is on a self-catering basis. In some of these undiscovered destinations, this may be the only option offered. You should ensure you get a tour guide or a tour firm if you are not familiar with the place. When everything is in place, it is easy to enjoy what many tourists to the UK have not had the pleasure of doing.


Undiscovered Gems in the UK