Traveling the UK by car

Traveling the UK by car


Although you can travel throughout the United Kingdom by train and bus, there are even more places to visit if you have access to a car. This makes it much easier to get to places that are a bit off the beaten track. Here are some of the top places to see with a car.


Be inspired by Stonehenge


Admittedly, Stonehenge is not quiet, attracting many visitors every year. However, it is a must for every visitor to Wiltshire. Sitting mysteriously in open countryside not far from the historic city of Salisbury (also a lovely place to visit if you are in the area), this prehistoric monument has been puzzling visitors for centuries. It was probably built between 2000 and 3000 BC, but nobody knows exactly what it was for, or how it was built. You can make up your own mind when you visit and marvel at the massive stone circle.


Explore the mountains of Snowdonia


The Snowdonia National Park covers a number of mountain ranges, and includes Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales. Travel around the area to appreciate the breathtaking scenery, perhaps driving to a convenient place to start a walk or to take a ride on one of the mountain railways. There are also facilities for climbing, horse riding, cycling, and fishing. The park also includes a stretch of coastline with spectacular cliffs and beaches.


Water sports and other attractions of the Lake District


The Lake District, in Cumbria, is England’s largest national park. It has England’s tallest mountain — Scafell Pike — and, of course, many of the largest lakes. Although you can arrive in the Lake District by train, a car will allow you to explore much more extensively and to find some more isolated parts of the park. As you would expect, this is an excellent area for water sports, as well as for walking and climbing. The small towns of the Lake District are full of galleries and craft shops. You will also find museums devoted to famous local residents such as William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter.


Get close to nature in the North Pennines


You will feel that you have stepped back in time when you visit the North Pennines, with its dry stone walls, and small traditional towns and villages. This is an area of hills and dales, heather moors, peat lands, and stunning waterfalls. With all of this, it is not surprising that the area has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. However, it remains remote and unspoilt, and contains many conservation sites. There are lots of places to walk or cycle, and it is an excellent destination for nature lovers, particularly birdwatchers.


Soak up the history of the New Forest


The New Forest, in the South of England, is one of the largest areas of unenclosed pastureland and forest in the country. It was here that William the Conqueror established his royal hunting forest, but many of the monuments and burial grounds in the forest go back even earlier than that. Here you can walk in the ancient oak woodland, explore traditional English villages, or shop in the many small market towns.


With the choice that is available to the car driver while on holiday in the UK it is best to plan your route in advance to ensure you can visit as many of the places we have suggested as possible, but please allow yourself some extra time to leave the car and explore the wonderful countryside and vibrant towns that are all over the UK.