Travel To England and Make A Difference

Travel To England and Make A Difference

England is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom along with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It is situated on an island to the west of Europe separated from it by the North Sea and the English Channel. The predominant language spoken in England is UK English. The country has a population of 53 million inhabitants which is composed of a predominantly Caucasian populace with significant African and Asian communities living there especially in the more urban areas. It is a largely industrialised country with a temperate maritime climate heavily influenced by its being surrounded by large water bodies on all sides.

London is the capital city, central seat of the government which is composed of a largely ceremonial royalty and a function bi-cameral parliamentary system headed by a Prime Minister. The Queen is the head of state but this position is vestigial and her main functions are usually to open parliament and act as the figurehead; the position of king or queen is hereditary and the current queen is Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The legal system applicable in this realm is the Common Law system that is derived from a combination of law making mechanisms such as parliamentary acts, an unwritten constitutional tradition and the principle of judicial precedent where previous decisions by judges are held as binding to subsequent rulings and therefore a source of law.

England’s economy is one of the worlds largest and London is a global financial hub with a particular district called the City of London playing host to many international business concerns. The economy has shifted from a largely industrialised and manufacturing basis to a more service industry oriented base. England is known for it luxury and world-renown brand names both in the manufacturing industry for example Rolls Royce automobiles and in the fashion industry for such labels as Burberry.

Reasons to travel to England; its vibrant economy outsources jobs all over the world and attracts the best of the best in all the present employment fields. The education provided in this country is of the best quality possible with such renowned tertiary institution as Cambridge and Oxford. The healthcare provided is of international quality and if you are a legal citizen you are provided access to free medical care. England has a long vibrant history and an eclectic cosmopolitan populace that makes it one of the most culturally interesting and diverse places in the entire world. Furthermore its great geographical placement guarantees easy transport connections to the rest of the world especially mainland Europe.

Child support is a legal concept that decrees periodical monetary payments for the maintenance and upkeep of a child whose parents have legally separated. It is mandated to be paid to the parent who has custody of the children either directly or indirectly where the parent without custody caters for the children’s needs. In England it is handled by the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service which provide a child support phone number you can use to make arrangements. Furthermore England has reciprocal agreements with many countries that allow for enforcement even overseas.