Top Zoo's in the UK

Top Zoo’s in the UK

Top Zoo’s in the UK: Zoo visits are an ideal getaway for the family. They have gained popularity since the 19th century because of the close contact with wildlife and nature in general. Below are some of the top zoos in the UK.

Chester zoo

It is one of the largest and best in the UK with a total land occupation of over 400 acres and an average 1.4 million visitors annually. It features over 400 species of wildlife including some that are severely endangered such as Asian elephants, jaguars, black rhinoceros and okapis.

Additional activities for children include the monorail, a wooden play park, pretend tattooing and face painting. Its numerous fun filled activities have made it gain a place among the top 20 best zoos in the world

London zoo

It is the oldest in the world and a former hub for scientific research. Visitors can sample its 750 species on display and a penguin beach which is without doubt the biggest penguin pool in England. This offers live penguin shows
and chances of feeding them.

It boasts of 1 million visitors each year and is the oldest to feature a reptile house, an aquarium, children’s zoo and an insect house.

Whipsnade zoo

It features over 600 animals from 227 species and is one of the few zoos in the UK to host elephants which roam freely in its grounds which occupy over 600 acres of land.

Bristol zoo

It is among the oldest zoos in the UK where visitors can sample it’s over 400 different species of animals and 9 covered animal houses just in case the weather is not favorable.

Included in what can be viewed are the red panda and pygmy hippos which are endangered. Popular scenes include the Bug world where spiders, locusts and all manner of crawling insects are housed where the old age medical culture of the use of leeches is learnt.

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park

This is UK’s oldest safari park and the first of its kind outside Africa. It was once a 100 acre lion reserve but its growth has seen the inclusion of additional animals such as the llamas, monkeys, parrots and many other interesting ones.

Additional activities for the family include the feeding of giraffes and deer and its famous fairground rides.

Twycross zoo

This zoo offers the largest collection of apes in the world from 35 species and some rare leopard species. It is set on beautiful 50 acre countryside and also features over 1,000 animals.

Other fun activities include feeding sea lion and elephant training. The experience is greatly accentuated by sights of the howler monkeys, tortoise and parakeets.