My top ten favourite Travel Apps

My top ten favourite Travel Apps: Quite a number of people knows how travelling can be quite an exciting challenge, from the anxiety of wanting to embark en route to your final destination, more so when travelling to a destination you have never been to or to a place which you are not familiar with.Travelling may involve a lot of experiences and difficulties such as flight delays to language barriers to lodging mishaps not to mention the losing a direction, thus making what was perhaps meant to be otherwise an exciting experience and a wonderful trip to turn out in to a big headache. Due to such challenges and occurrences, a number of systems have been devised to come to your aid during your journey and on your trip as well.

Currently, gone are the days when guide books were the ultimate traveling accessories,however with the advent of the internet and advancement in various phones ,smart phones and tablets various applications are now available which can readily be downloaded to aid in guiding one through a travel experience. Actually their exist almost a whooping 17,000 travel applications in the market to which some of the ten favourite travel apps include:



This is an application which is ideal for business travelers and it consists of various features such as flight data collector,maps relating to the destination of your itinerary, hotel and rental car confirmation numbers plus the application works with numerous travel sites and agencies. it can be accessed offline through iphone ,ipad, ipod Touch,blackberry windows phone 7 and many more.


2.XE Currency;

This is a handy application that allows one to import and check on their favourite currency exchange rates. The application is easy to use ,slick, and offers an accurate live currency rates and can be downloaded in gadgets such as on iPhone,iPad,Android or even in windows phone.


3.Weather Pro

This is an intuitive application that offers a number of weather reports from numerous geographical locations.It presents a lot of data from cloud information to current atmospheric pressure, the speed of the wind and even the state of atmospheric humidity not to mention the fact that with this application one would be able to predict rainfall.


4. TripAdvisor:

This is an application that will not only give you sufficient details regarding various hotels and restaurants as well as various attraction sites but it will also presents to you with the relevant reviews from a number of users and has a near me tool that will give you the closest location and address of the place that you would want to visit.


5.The weather channel

This is a supper detailed weather application which will enable you to access every detail from hourly foGrecast to a ten day outlooks,breaking weather news as well as local weather tweets.


6.Flight board;

This is an application which will be able to give instant information on the flight arrivals and departures for any airport in the world. Thus giving very handy information for travelers who desires to get information in flight schedule as well as to the host,family and friends to see when their loved ones will be arriving.


7. Google translate:

This is an application which will be very effective in helping to translate say the English language easily to other renowned languages thus very effective in trying to locate spots with unfamiliar languages such as signs and private spots such as toilets.



This is an iPad application that enables the travelers to be able to book flights ,hotels as well as to rent cars within this application while on their journey.


9.Museums Mobile:

This is an application with a data base consisting of thousands of some of the worlds biggest museums and recreational spots as it locates these spots using the GPS tracker.


10.Wifi Finder:

This is an application that tracks numerous wi-fi hotspots with reliable internet signals.


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