Top public parks to visit in the UK

Top public parks to visit in the UK: The brief yet memorable UK summers, have urban dwellers flocking to the closest green spaces in masses. Fortunately for them, the UK also boasts some wonderful public parks to while away those long summer days. The top public parks in the UK are some of the best in the world.

Hampstead Heath in London, once the Middlesex Forest, is by far the trendiest and one of the busiest public parks. It attracts many celebrities, high profile visitors as well as arty types from nearby Camden Town. Paparazzos are usually well rewarded on their visits, snapping away at celebrities. The great atmosphere and swimming ponds make this one of the top public parks in the UK.

Coed Y Brenin – Welsh for King’s Wood is located in the Snowdonia National Park. It boasts 1600 acres of lush forest land and cannot be left out of the top public parks in the UK. It offers some of the best biker trails but little or no vehicle access. If getting close to Mother Nature is what you are after, then Coed Y Brenin is worth the visit. It offers Volcano trails, hiking and biking trails as well as stunning waterfalls.

Platt Fields in Manchester is also one of the top public parks in the UK. Located just of Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield, it is also home to Platt hall, the Gallery of Costume Museum and a beautiful lake. The lake offers skiing and fishing and is surrounded by gardens and trails. It offers enough attractions to make it worth the visit even in the frosty winter months. There are many events, live shows and concerts hosted here in the pleasant summer months which makes enjoyable all year round.

Some of the other top public parks in the UK worth a visit are Crystal Palace in South London which offers a dinosaur display, Queens Square in Bristol which is the biggest Georgian square in Europe, Holyrood Park in Edinburgh which has beautiful land and rock formations and Victoria Park which is the oldest public park in London. Whatever your fancy, the UK has some of the most beautiful and historical parks in the world.