Top Museums to visit in the UK

Top Museums to visit in the UK

Top Museums to visit in the UK: the United Kindom is one of the most beautiful destination for tourists, you can visit the different memorable places there to make your holiday awesome. There are so many museums available in the UK. It is hard to predict top 10 Museums of UK, if we consider top 10 then most of them would be in London. Almost every single Museum is the place of attraction for tourists. So the top 10 Museums in the UK are following:-

(1) The British Museum: The British Museum is one of the most famous Museum of UK. It is situated in London and dedicated to culture and human history.

(2) The Victoria and Albert Museum: This is another one which is also very famous. It has many great designs and art exhibitions. This is also located in London in South Kensington.

(3) Whitechapel Gallery: This is very famous for its international exhibitions in both 20th century and contemporary art. It has a collection of art galleries which is also historical. It is located in East London.

(4) White Cube: It has a collection of contemporary arts. In the beginning, it was considered as the smallest in the Europe for exhibition. It is located in both central and south-east London.

(5) Tate Modern: After White Cube, Tate Modern is actually a gallery of modern arts, which is located in England. It is an international gallery of modern art.

(6) National Museum of Scotland: Above all was located in London, the 6th one I have considered is located in Scotland which is a National Museum. It has cultural exhibitions which are very famous and attracts tourists from outside.

(7) Serpentine Gallery: It is also located in Kensington Gardens which is in London. It is a type of gallery consists of most famous exhibitions. It attracts about 8 lakhs visitors every year.

(8) Science Museum, London: Science Museum of London is a place of fun for both families and children, you can enjoy a lot here. It’s terrific exhibitions and stunning building attract many people.

(9) Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: It is actually a museum and also an art gallery. It is located on very famous East Anglia University ‘s campus.

(10) BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art: Well, BALTIC Centre is an international center for attractive contemporary art. It is located in Gateshead near the banks of River Tyne of England.