Top January Attractions in the UK

Top January Attractions in the UK: Planning to visit UK just after your Christmas holidays? Simply brilliant idea because it is not only the off-season time, but also the time when the festivities are still in air and there is minimum crowd. In addition, you are bound to find great discount offers and other deals. A visit to the United Kingdom means a visit to all the famous tourist attractions such as Edinburgh, Great Britain and the like. However, ever wondered what a January tour of the UK would be? Read on.

The January calendar of United Kingdom is full of famous festivals like fire festivals, weird and whacky folk traditions, Hogmanay festivals, etc. The food and drinks festival is full of various cuisines- both traditional and worldwide. You are bound to get a taste of the authentic English cuisine at great discounts. You also get a sample of the various wines, beers and other drinks. Some of them like the Colchester Winter Ale festival provide free soft drinks for the drivers along with a Hog roast. They have a huge display of the season special ale and other beverages by the local brewers.

Festivals like the Twelfth Night at the Globe, Haxey Hood, etc. are purely arts and entertainment festival. The Twelfth Night at the Globe is a free festival comprising of arts, dance, music and a host of other activities. The Haxey Hood festival is a seven hundred year old festival wherein the game is played only once a year- on the night of the festival. The fire festivals are bizarre festivals by the village folks. During the festival, strong villagers carry tar barrels on their heads. These tar barrels have a huge flame burning in them.

If you want to get out of the cliched holiday wherein you visit local tourist attractions, then, this is a wise thing to do. You partake in the festival and understand the local culture, customs and traditions better. It also becomes easier for you to mix with the locals and enjoy your holidays.