TOP ATTRACTIONS IN WALES: Wales is a country small in size and on the brink of Western Europe but one endowed with countless tourist attractions. The North, South and Mid Wales are easy to navigate because of the country’s petite extent, making it a prime destination in Europe. Top attractions in Wales leave every tourist in awe as each site offers its own unique magnificence.

Apart from music Wales also has a rich history. The National Museum in Cardiff has a well preserved account of this dating back to over 4600 million years ago and detailing the formation of most of the country’s landmarks. These include mostly buildings that were built in the ancient Baroque Style and fascinating of them all how the vast mountain ranges came to be. The museum in Cardiff is widely popular in Europe because of its archaeological and geological importance.

The coastal front also has much to sample. The Tenby and Caldey Islands go further than just a fancy shoreline. There’s creative ancient architecture displayed on the castle, town wall, townhouses and other erected structures on the islands. Cultural heritage is at its best as one gets to learns more about the Cistercian Monks and the cormorant colony, the most prevalent in Wales.

The Welsh people are mostly rural based, but the university towns situated in most parts of the country add a youthful tinge to the rather quiet surroundings. Diverse landscapes and prominent structures are not the end of the attractions in Wales. The native people who have, learnt to embrace people from other cultures give rise to a new era of Welsh culture that incorporates the world’s cultures. Such influences have made Wales a choice destination given that a couple of strangers can strike a connection over a pint of beer and a couple of sentimental songs from the country’s rich music gallery.