Top 5 Best places to rock climb in the UK

Top 5 Best places to rock climb in the UK: The UK has some of the world’s most breathtaking rock climbing spots. It has a variety of rock types and the climbing spots are relatively confined within a small area.

You can’t miss out on the famous exhilarating sea-cliff climbing, as well as the long classic climbing routes that will thrill you all the way to Snowdonia. This article will highlight some of the best places to rock climb in the Uk.

1 Mountain routes in the Snowdonia
Snowdonia is richly endowed with Uk’s famous climbing spots. You can never go wrong with this route. Here, almost everything is on offer, from the great single-pitch routes, to long, thrilling and adventurous days in the mountains.

If you are going to do a 2 day trip from London-be sure to leave early enough. However, if you are going to delay, then you should expect a 3 day journey ahead of you.

2 Gritstone climbing in the peak district
This is where you’ll separate boys from the men. Peak Gritstone is unique in that it requires some kind of precision and also depends with the type of skills a climber has. But there’s a phenomenal amout of friction. Here, you’ll find a vast array of routes, will all grades and characters. You should expect delicate slabs to thuggy cracks. Generally, the rock is very solid here, and single pitch as well, and this makes it the best place for those who are learning to trad climb.

If you are coming from London, a day’s trip is okay if you begin your journey early enough.

3 Pontesford rocks
Situated near Shrewsbury, Pontesford rocks present a good avenue for people who are leaning trad climb. Again, it’s a good venue for the locals, though experienced climbers prefer going to the peaks (Wye valley, or Avon).

4 Climbing in the Wye Valley
Being home to limestone single, it’s a very peaceful spot and is ideal for people who love the quiet environment. It’s situated in the woodlands, so a beautiful view of tree canopy is what meets your eyes once you climb above the treeline. At Wye Valley, you’ll find places where to learn trad climbing, as well as sharpen your climbing skills on multi-pitch routes.

5 Rock climbing in Gower
Rock climbing in three-cliffs presents a thrilling experience to both the starter and the expert climber. The cliffs are wide, and the cliffs rise straight from the beautiful sands of the beach. Here, there are plenty to do, though climbs are mostly single-pitch, trad rather than sporty routes.

If you are looking for the best spot to practices or go for rock climbing, consider adding these 5 into your list. You might be shocked to discover something you didn’t know about these areas.