Top 3 UK Cities to Visit

Top 3 UK Cities to Visit: The United Kingdom’s capital city is London and consists of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland with a large number of cities in between them. Its cities are very well organized and are dotted with parks throughout their grounds. We are now going to look at the top three United Kingdom cities that you should visit, what they have in store for you and why they reign.

The third top UK city is Manchester. It’s a great city and has some cool attractions like the Manchester Museum which houses numerous exhibits and proudly the has the largest number of Egyptian artifacts in the UK or visit the Chinese Arts Center where there is a big display of Chinese art from China. Another attraction in Manchester is the Salford Watersports Center where a variety of water activities are offered from sailing to canoeing. The nightlife in Manchester is equally good, where you can visit clubs that play jazz music like Matt and Phred’s Jazz Club or Band on The Wall for equally good jazz. You can also visit the Deaf Institute which normally serves food during the day but is fantastic during the night offering events

Edinburgh is second and is Scotland’s capital and houses its Parliament. Must-see attractions in Edinburgh include the Edinburgh Castle which is 1000 years old and marvel at its beauty, the National Gallery of Scotland which is famous for its huge collection of early French and Russian art and other internationally recognized works from Rembrandt to William MacTaggart. Another attraction is the Camera Obscura where you can enjoy 360 degrees illusions and views of Edinburgh’s skyline. The nightlife is particularly active with lively clubs and bars from stylish ones like Le Monde in George Street, the Doric in Market Street which has a large selection of single malts to cheap bars and inns like Crammond Inn at Crammond Glebe Road and City Cafe at Blair Street where you can sip your beer and relax.

The crown of top city in the United Kingdom definitely has to go to London. London is world-renown for its beauty, culture an literature and is home to some of the major institutions of the United Kingdom including The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Some of the attractions in London include the British Museum which houses artifacts from all corners of the world and chronicles the development of man since time immemorial. Another feature is the EDF Energy London Eye which is basically a wheel with capsules in which you climb aboard and marvel at London’s breathtaking view and landmarks from above. Another famous London attraction is the National Gallery which houses art from famous figures such as da Vinci, Van Gogh and Renoir. London is just as bright at night as during the day, with business as usual. Visit Old Compton Street in Soho which offers London’s largest selection of real malt whiskey at The Vintage House or Fulham and Kings road for a selection of lively bars and entertainment or visit 1 Baker Street for casino games in Barracuda Casino.

Therefore you should not miss any of the above mentioned cities during your tour in the UK.