Top 10 Places To Visit This Christmas In The UK 2018

Top 10 Places To Visit This Christmas In The UK 2018

Top 10 Places To Visit This Christmas In The UK: For most people, Christmas time is a time for them to get away, travel and tour the country, while for some, it is the best time to enjoy the local scenery with family and friends.

For explorers keen on visiting new places, to get away from the local scenery for the duration of the season, there are a number of amazing places to visit across the UK.

These are the top places to visit this Christmas holiday;


Among the many lovely activities the town has to offer during Christmas, Cardiff is also the best city for shoppers during Christmas season, as the city centre’s Christmas market, high street chains, and department stores are flooded with all the things one would need.


Rich with local history, Lincoln will take you back through history. The Lincoln Cathedral being the second highest tower in the UK is a stunning sight. During Christmas, the town lights up with a market displaying some of the best local crafts and cuisines.

Rochester, Kent

Being the place of Charles Dickens final resting, it seems only just that the city honours the author with a festival in his name. The Rochester streets are brought to life with entertainers, giving an effect that takes you back over a hundred years


Christmas in Central London is magical with the many events and features that make this place memorable. From the oversized Christmas tree, ballet, carolling in the streets, to the London Eye’s stunning lights, the city glows all over.


Edinburgh is one of the most remarkable and distinctive cities in the UK. During Christmas, the city is covered in lights, a beautiful backdrop for the city markets and crowds of people that fill its streets.


Yorkshire is a remarkable combination of rich UK history and natural splendour. This town is a true beauty of Christmas in the countryside. It has several of the best picturesque sceneries in Northern England


Worcester Cathedral is amazing to look at all throughout the year, but all through the Christmas season, it is residing place to a magnificent Christmas Tree Festival that has over 80 Christmas trees individually decorated by different groups of people and organizations.


The festive market in Bath is one of the most visited places in the UK during the Christmas holidays. There are so many events held in Bath that create beautiful memories for both the visitors and the locals.

The Highlands

Like a sight straight out of a fairytale, a cottage in the Highlands is one of the most memorable Christmas experiences you can have.


Stone paved streets and mulled wine, carolling and a fun treasure hunt, are only some of the events you will find in this picturesque village at Christmas time. A village worth our visit.

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