Luxury hotels in London

Top 10 Luxury hotels in London 2018

Top 10 luxury hotels in London – London probably contains the grandest of hotels in Europe, most of which have been restored or updated. Here’s a look at the top 10.

The Savoy

Pricing: From £473 per night
With the strand Palace on one side and the river on the other, the Savoy hotel offers large, fresh, traditionally designed bedrooms minus the old-fashioned feel. Besides the decorative glamour, visitors can view the Thames from the hotel’s American bar.

The Dorchester

Pricing: From £485 per night
Situated in Park Lane, one of London’s most prominent thoroughfare locations, with all its greenery, the Dorchester boasts of the best service. The crew is always efficient and pleasantly polite. The building dates from 1930 with suites rendered in the classic English style.

Brown’s Hotel

Pricing: From £510 per night
Brown’s hotel is made up of 11 townhouses situated off Piccadilly along two parallel streets. Although it was redecorated in 2005, most of the historical significance was retained, including the ground floor’s dark mahogany fixtures. The interior décor includes modern art, furnishings and lighting, all of which combine well with the high windows for a stylish and sophisticated feel.

The Ritz London

Pricing: From £475 per night
In addition to its captivating Gallery and Palm Court, the Ritz has one of Europe’s loveliest dining rooms and faultless service. The suites and bedrooms, all in their original XVI style, include a variety of colour finishes.

The Langham

Pricing: From £360 per night
Although absent of the English look, the Langham is regarded as one of London’s finest hotels with its rather welcoming Oriental feel. A captivating oval room makes up the hotel’s restaurant with a romantic cocktail bar in close proximity.

The Connaught

Pricing: From £540 per night
The Connaught combines traditional and contemporary styles successfully, giving off the right feel after years of restoration works. Besides the captivating staircase, the hotel contains 119 light rooms, 30 of which are oriental in design. The staff is highly committed and service is quite good.

The Mandarin Oriental

Pricing: From £600 per night
With a welcoming outdoor terrace and a partly Edwardian, partly modern ground floor, the Mandarin Oriental is comprised of deeply traditional bedrooms and a dreamy ballroom. This hotel has a rich history, one you’d enjoy to share.

The Lanesborough

Pricing: From £585 per night
Once an elegant country house, the Lanesborough boasts of the most cosmopolitan feel of London’s Grande Dame hotels and visitors can expect meticulous service and intelligent opulence.


Pricing: From £510 per night
Legendary for hosting kings and queens, Claridge’s offers a modern twist to British pomp, reminding visitors of a more dignified era. It feels frozen in time yet sophisticated at the same time.

The Goring

Pricing: From £370 per night
Situated across the Buckingham Palace, the Goring sits on a large piece of flowery garden. The front hall contains paintings of a romantic English landscape and exotic animals. Most of the rooms are glamorous and homely at the same time with Gainsborough silks decorating the walls.

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