Tips on how to visit Stonehenge

Tips on how to visit Stonehenge

Tips on how to visit Stonehenge: No one in this world has the knowledge on how Stonehenge was built.This is the main reason why London’s UNESCO world heritage site attracts a lot of visitors all over the world. It is known to be an inexpensive and manageable trip of around 95 minutes from the city. Its an unforgettable experience for anybody who can manage his or her ways there.

Tips on how to visit Stonehenge.
1. be there early: in case you have plans of taking magnificent photos, its advisable to arrive there before the tour vehicles. With a lot of visitors from all over, ranging from young to old men in different vehicles, you will automatically have the worst time ever if you come after about 11 in the morning.

2. Do not have too much expectations before your arrival: while visiting Stonehenge, you must realize that it is located strategically along the highway. While driving for that one hour, you will find yourself right in the middle of the famous Salisburry plain. These are the kind of features you will encounter and the rest so at any point you should not expect world wonders.

3. Be with an audio guide: These are given free of charge and they are of a little help to you. A lot of information concerning Stonehenge are usually hypothetical so you should not be very much expectant to know a lot at the end of your tour.

4. Do enough plan to better your access at the site: You might be having a plan to access the stones more close, so for this you will need to organize a special visit or alse you might find your self a long the circumference of the circle which is about 15 yards from slabs. The real fact is that in as much as you might get closer to the stones its all the same because it will not add you anything. In case something within the circle of the encient stone attracts you closer, there are particular procedures to come at at different times to the normal ones.