It’s time to explore the top national parks in the UK

It’s time to explore the top national parks in the UK

The UK has many beautiful sights to offer but we often find ourselves fleeing the country for our holidays. If the UK is your home then it is common that a lot of people will spend the majority of their time working and not exploring the many wonders that it holds. You may be surprised at what you will discover if you make the change and spend your next holiday within the UK.

Top National Parks in the UK:

The Lake District


Credit Image- Ricky Cosmos on Flickr

The Lake District is renowned for being one of the top national parks to visit; this isn’t hard to believe as the ever green sights will take your breath away. It is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of life and to put all of your worries behind you. As The Lake District is England’s largest national park it holds many scenic lakes and valleys as well as endless mountains and it even has a sandy coastline. The park offers a wide range of activities to get stuck into such as strolling along the magnificent sights, challenging you to a hike, hiring a bike and even a boat. You could also try your luck with some fishing or visiting the adorable animal attractions, the list could go on.

Yorkshire Dales


Credit Image- Phil Bartle on Flickr

If you want to see nature and wildlife at its best then the Yorkshire Dales is the national park to visit. There are countless places to capture wildlife out in the open, making some beautiful photographic moments. With an A-Z of different species and plant life on site you will be spoilt for choice with what to see first. Most famous for its stone walls and being one of the largest areas of the UK for limestone, this is the place to visit for its historical landmarks.

Peak District


Credit- Sam Cockman on Flickr

The Peak District is a beautiful national park most known for its footpaths which allow you to explore the best areas of the countryside as well as hiking trails to conquer. If you need some guidance on your walk then the Park Rangers are on hand to take you on guided tours, sharing their depth of knowledge and experience about the district. Cyclists will enjoy the wonders of The Peak District as there are a number of free trails available to breathe in the natural air and to lose yourself in the countryside.

There are many more national parks in the UK that you must visit in your lifetime to get a true feel for country life. Tranquillity is often needed at some point along the line, take a break out of your hectic schedule and explore what the UK has to offer. The best way to explore a national park is hopping in a caravan and staying on a site nearby, not only is caravanning an affordable choice of accommodation; it is also very practical as it allows you the freedom to move around the parks as you please.  The Caravan Club has listed the top 10 national parks which also have The Caravan Club sites nearby: