Things to Do For Under a Tenner in London

Things to Do For Under a Tenner in London

Capital cities are always expensive and London is, sadly, no exception. The cost of living in or visiting London puts off thousands of people but if you’re planning a holiday to the capital there are plenty of things you can do without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a regular visitor, live here or just thinking about visiting we’ve chosen the best activities and sights you can do and see for under £10. Bargain!

Free Stuff

The Museums

Well if you really want to save some money what better place to start than with the museums. Thanks to the last labour government all of our museums in the capital are completely free and if you want to visit any of them all it will cost you is your tube fare there – certainly under £10. The capital’s museums are exceptional and there are plenty to choose from depending on your interests. The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum remain firm family favourites but there’s also the Victoria and Albert, the British Museum and a slew of others to consider. With any choice you have a great free day out.

The Art Galleries

Just like the museums the majority of the art galleries in London are completely free and this gives you a great chance to see some of the world’s finest art; from its origins thousands of years ago to its modern incarnations. The two Tate galleries are by far our favourites with the Tate modern giving you a fantastic opportunity to see contemporary art at its finest. There are dozens of great art galleries throughout the capital though and you’ll always be able to see something new.

A stroll down the Thames

While it may seem fairly obvious a stroll down the Thames gives you plenty of opportunities to take in the sights and is a fantastic experience in itself. One of our favourite walks is from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament down past Tower Bridge or to Shakespeare’s Globe. On a nice day you can take in the beautiful river, the incredible history and architecture and the street performers and general ambience of one of the nicest parts of London.

For a little money

A picnic in the park

London’s parks are stunning, relaxing and are a fantastic afternoon out for all the family. Grab a blanket, Swing by a supermarket, load up on bread and cheese and find a perfect picnic spot in one of the beautiful parks London can offer. We’d recommend Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park or St. James’ park for the best experience but anywhere will do. This is a great afternoon’s entertainment; providing the weather is nice of course.

Coffee in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the only places in London where it is legal to street perform and as a result you can see new talent here on an almost daily basis. One of the coffee shops on the outer square will give you a great view of some lively entertainment so this is a great place to come for a few hours rest and recuperation. Covent Garden is expensive but you’ll still get change from your tenner for a coffee or two and the free entertainment is excellent.

Take in a show

While London’s more popular theatres tend to be very expensive there are plenty of events throughout the capital that are completely free or will cost you less than ten pounds a ticket. Check the local listings and the less well known theatres for cheap tickets or last minute tickets, alternatively head to one of the many free music concerts that are available on a daily basis throughout the city. There are many classical shows in the churches throughout the day or hundreds of local bands at pubs around the city – and the most money you’ll have to spend there is for a round of drinks!

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Things to Do For Under a Tenner in London