There’s Plenty To Do In The Peak District

There’s Plenty To Do In The Peak District

Winter is slowly relinquishing its vice like grip and within a few weeks the first signs of spring will be with us. When we think of holidays during the winter, we often think of jetting abroad in search of sun, sea and sand. There are times when nothing beats a good beach holiday, but not all vacations need to be spent on the beach, in plus 30 degree heat. There are lots of holidays we can take at this time of year that don’t require us going abroad, or packing the sunnies and lotion. If you want to take a short break with your family, but not leave the country, the Peak District in Derbyshire is a fabulous destination.

With Christmas firmly behind us and the summer holidays well ahead of us, a short break in the peak district is the perfect chance to recharge your batteries and refocus. On nature’s doorstep, the peace, tranquillity and beautiful scenery, combine to create the perfect relaxing environment.

If you not quite satisfied soaking up nature’s goodness, there are also lots of activities to keep you busy during the day. The Peak District truly is one of the UK’s most beautiful places to visit. With wonderful lakes for fishing and challenging but accommodating hills for climbers, there really is something for everyone in the woodlands of Derbyshire. Here’s what’s on offer in the peak district.


The views from the moors are worth the travel and accommodation alone. With beautiful rolling countryside, and endless views from so many locations, walking in the Peak District is one of the most enjoyable things you can do while visiting.  There are several well travelled routes, ideal for novice walkers, and these take in some of the picturesque scenery on show throughout the entire woodland. With deep dipping valleys, winding rivers and sprawling hillside, walking through the district leave many newcomers awestruck.


The beautiful scenery and tranquil woodland are so detailed that people often forget about the hills themselves. But as most seasoned visitors will tell you, the hills are just as important. Moulded and shaped by centuries of rain, wind and sunshine the hills are nature’s sculptures. With beautiful features, and unique rock faces they also make great climbing rocks. There’s a rock face in the district to suit climbers of all experiences, from a novice trying it out for the first time, to a seasoned expert there is challenge for all. The satisfaction from reaching the top, combined with the stunning views from the peaks, make rock climbing the perfect activity to do in the Peak District.


Fishing, a favourite pastime of many, is another wonderful thing to do while holidaying in the Peak District. With several rivers and creeks covering significant areas of woodland, it’s a fantastic opportunity to put down and line and spend a few hours watching nature pass by.

There are lots to do in the Peak District. With beautiful designed homes converted into guesthouses, and traditional market towns bordering the edge of the woodlands, when you’re not trailing through the woods, you’ll still find enough to keep you entertained, however once you spend an afternoon in the woods you’ll never want to leave.

This article was written by Jason Steele. An interior design blogger who loves to spend his summer evenings either with a book in the garden or walking in the countryside.