The Welsh Biking Experience

The Welsh Biking Experience

The Welsh Biking Experience:¬†Some of Britain’s toughest and superior roads are found
in Wales. These are hidden in the north east of the country where there are deserted hills. The spectacular scenery makes it one of the most popular locations for a fantastic cycling break. The versatility offered by these hills has no match anywhere in the world.

Mountain biking in Wales has widely gained popularity because of its immense health and enjoyment benefits. The numerous routes offered simply suit most bikers. These can be flat, rugged mountain terrain, meadow of the green fields to the coastal paths near the sea shore with its golden sands.

A fifth of the Welsh countryside is covered by 3 national parks which offer spectacular views of their contents making visitors wish to come back for more.

There are over 530 kilometres of cycle paths that are free from traffic across the country which can be tailored to ones individual taste. The evergreen Welsh countryside with its slow pace of life provides a refreshing break to bikers.

The inclusion of historical sites along the cycle paths makes the experience even more exciting. These include the DylanThomasTrail together with his former home at CeriBatchBeach. When at Saundersfoot in pembrokshire there are several castles to marvel over which include the CarewCastle.

The Welsh government has intimated its commitment in the promotion of outdoor activities by creating certain areas in the country like Liangdegla and Coedy Brenin specifically for mountain biking. The investment includes the development of new networks of cross country trails at these locations.

Other interesting developments include the plans to transform the Liechwedd quarry to a mountain bike downhill area and visitor centre which will make it one of the best equipped.

Accommodation is plentiful in northern Wales and the Snowdonian regions. There are numerous properties which offer self-catering accommodation to individuals or in groups of cyclists in the form of holiday cottages or apartments.

These offer bike cleaning activities and are affordable to holiday makers intending to save on accommodation while their holiday.