The Ultimate Fishing Holidays in the UK

The Ultimate Fishing Holidays in the UK: Fishing holidays in the UK hold a special niche in the world of outdoor recreation, this is attributed to the availability of many and diverse fishing zones in the region. The UK features expansive and pristine water bodies that are spread along the inland as well as along the beaches. The well kept natural habitats, beautiful panoramic views, rich and diverse marine ecosystem play a leading role in making the region among the most favored fishing spots. Among the numerous fishing holes the following locations clearly stand out:

Fishing holiday Scotland

This is a favourite spot for both novice as well as adept fishermen; the beautiful rivers and lakes will provide the best fishing zone for salmon fishing. Notable locations for fishing include Spay, Tay and Tweed among other areas. The seaside also comes in handy for the lover of deep sea fishing.

Fishing Holiday Wales

Wales features prominently for having a plentiful supply of rivers, lakes and also the sea which also offers a fisherman a picturesque view of the surrounding scenery. The fish species in the inland include trout, salmon and carp while for deep sea fishing bass, trout and shark are most common.

Fishing Holiday Yorkshire

A nature lover looking for a great fishing holidays in the UK while still enjoying magnificent scenic views, the region of Yorkshire will in no doubt bring out the best fishing experience. The region boasts of having a variety of fishing species which include chub, bream, barbel and pike that can be found in rivers which include Calder, Aire, Ouse, Trent and Norfolk Broads.

Fishing Holiday Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire also features as a preferred fishing holidays in the UK due to its good supply of rivers and lakes where a plentiful supply of fish can also be found. Famous lakes in the region include Ladygrove, Glebe Court and Cheyney where species such as tench, perch and pike may be found.