The UK road trip getaway

The UK road trip getaway

The UK is a driver’s dream, offering a varied landscape in a compact area, with plenty of scenic stops along the way.

Any kind of holiday comes with the chance of accident and there are dangers which accompany a British trip. Road safety is paramount, so avoid long stretches behind the wheel and take regular breaks. If you are involved in an incident you may be able to claim compensation with the help of road accident solicitors, though careful and attentive driving should help prevent such cases occurring. So, for a pick of hot spots for a UK road trip – read on!

The Jurassic Coast

Stretching across Dorset and Devon, this World Heritage Site offers breathtaking views from the road, as well as quaint centres to explore. Driving allows visitors the freedom to explore the twisting roads and coastal scenery at will, though there a few highlights which should be incorporated into any itinerary.

Beer is a small village nestled in a cove with a pebbly beach. Enjoy freshly caught seafood from one of the huts near the bay and take a trip on the Beer Heights Light Railway. History buffs should check out the dramatic ruins of Corfe Castle, perched atop a hill with unrivalled views of Purbeck.

North Yorkshire

From the south west to the north east, the landscape of the North York Moors and the countless towns and villages dotted about make this an ideal location for a driving holiday. Begin with a day in Harrogate, the historic spa town. Antique emporiums, open gardens and the Victorian Pump Rooms are all worth a visit, and for refreshments a stop at iconic tearoom Betty’s is essential.

From Harrogate, travel north east, stopping at Stamford Bridge and Malton, through the stunning North York Moors National Park and arriving at Whitby. This seaside town is a delight at any time of year, though for a unique experience plan a Spring or Autumn trip to coincide with the Gothic Weekends held annually.

The Fens

The UK boasts a varied landscape, so why not contrast the peaks and hills of Yorkshire with the flat expanse of the Fens? This area, in the south east of England has been shaped and utilised by its inhabitants for hundreds of years and encompasses low-lying marsh and wetlands. Begin your trip in the intellectual centre of Cambridge, and take a wander through the historic university Colleges. Pick up second hand books at the outdoor market in the city centre and treat yourself to a pastry at Fitzbillie’s.

Head north to Ely, observing the unique Fens scenery along the way. Surrounded by green countryside, this historic village is dominated by the large cathedral, known as the Ship of the Fens.

A visit to the Fens is incomplete without a stop off at one of the picture-postcard windmills. From Ely, continue north towards Denver Market and call in at Denver Windmill which has stood since 1835 and is now open to the public.