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The Top 5 UK Holiday Destinations

The United Kingdom is a beautiful place and there are a number of areas within it that capture the attention of both foreign tourists and those from inside of the country. In the case that you are planning at visit to the United Kingdom (or stay around your own nation in the case that you are from these parts) and are having trouble figuring out where to go, perhaps knowing the top 5 holiday destinations in the UK might help you out.

1 – Norfolk is a place that you don’t want to miss out on if you love the countryside. People travel from overseas just to relax in this area. Of course, to some individuals, the countryside might seem a bit boring but there is plenty to do. You can visit the sandy beaches, visit the botanical gardens, check out the zoo or have a listen to the symphony. When you are in Norfolk, you will never run out of things to do no matter if you are traveling by yourself, with your partner or with your family. Perhaps that is why it is one of the top 5 UK holiday destinations.

2 – Cornwall is another one of the most famous areas in the UK. It is located in the South West where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches – 140 to be exact. Don’t forget to check out the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Tintagel Castle. Plus, if you haven’t had them before, the Cornish pasties are something else to try. If you have, why not try them again?

3 – Wales, yet another one of the top 5 holiday destinations in the UK, is home to one of the most beautiful areas in the whole nation. The area is known as Snowdonia. People have travelled from all across the UK and overseas just to see it in person. There are other places that have brought tourists to the area as well such as Cardiff if you like the faster pace of life, or Rhyl, if you are more keen on the slower pace.

4 – Scotland cannot be forgotten in all of this. There are plenty of activities and accommodations for anyone no matter what the budget is. You can go fishing, check out the whiskey distilleries, visit the glass blowing factories and much more. While there, why not try out the historical boat rides or the train rides through former film sets. For those of who like the excitement of white water rafting or enjoy checking out wildlife, there is something here for you as well.

5 – Windsor, last but not least, also makes this list. Why is this? Well, it is the home of the ever famous Windsor Castle. LEGOLAND might be another reason for this as it attracts people of all ages. Fans of the Royal family often visit this town as there lies a huge history here with regards to these individuals. As with Scotland, there are plenty of places here that offer accommodations such as Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels and so on. There is something for everyone.

The Top 5 UK Holiday Destinations