St. Martin’s Church, Canterbury

The Top 5 Historical Churches of Britain

The Top 5 Historical Churches of Britain: Britain is a land of many amazing historical places, including many historical churches with a fascinating history and architecture. Whether you are a tourist looking forward to visiting beautiful churches of Britain, or a devoted Christian who simply appreciates the amazing art put into building these impressive symbols of Christianity, you will enjoy visiting the churches of Britain.

Top 3 Most Beautiful Historical Churches of Britain

1. St. Martin’s Church, Canterbury

Built in 597, this church is known as the oldest and most historical church in Britain. A mile outside Canterbury, it stands on a hill with a spectacular view from the neighborhood. As a Canterbury World Heritage Site, St. Martin’s is a must-see if you are interested in old historical churches.

2. St. Peter’s Church, Bradwell-on-Sea

As an ancient church standing near the sea, St. Peter’s is another well-known fascinating historical Church in Britain. Built on top of the Roman ruins in 654, it was built by St. Cedd following the purpose of spreading Christianity in that area. Even though this church is in a remote area, the doors are open to the public and nowadays still many people come for a visit.

3. Greensted Church, Greensted

This amazing church which dates from 1060, is the world’s oldest and first wooden church that was ever built. This special feature makes Greensted one of the most important churches in the English Heritage. The Greensted Church is open daily to tourists and worshippers from all around the world, who have come to visit this fascinating historical church in Britain.

4. Escomb Saxon Church

Escomb Saxon was built in 675 and resides along River Wear in Durham. With an amazing historical architecture of Romans stones embedded inside its walls, this beautiful church still shows the medieval appearance that attracts many people every year.

5. All Saints’ Church, Brixworth

Built in 675 before King Wulfhere’s death, this church is an amazing architectural memorial of the 7th century, especially since it has survived the weather in the north of the Alps. Located 60 miles outside of London at the Northamptonshire, All Saints’ is a beautiful historical place to visit.