The Best Things in Life are Free! Free Art Galleries in the UK

Free Art Galleries in the UK: Art is food for the soul. A life devoid of art is a parody of existence, merely an act of living without truly being Alive. Beauty is all around us if we only choose to see it, and artists continually find new ways to express their vision.
But in this world driven by profits is it still possible to experience art without a price tag?

Fortunately, yes. For instance, there are several Free art galleries in the UK. Some of the finest free art galleries in the UK are listed below for your enjoyment, and they will blow you away!

The National Gallery in London: Home to classic masterpieces, like Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ and works from other Masters. The National Gallery is the the most sought after of all the Free art galleries in the UK.

Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London: Located in The Duke of York’s HQ, Saatchi is a contemporary art gallery whose focus is on fresh, young artists whose work has rarely or never been exhibited in the UK.

Tate Britain and Tate Modern: The former is famous for British art and the latter for contemporary art. Both are immensely popular galleries in London.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Boasts 500 acres of landscape featuring outdoor displays by the finest artists in the world, besides five spectacular indoor galleries.

Royal Academy of Arts: Premier among London’s art galleries, this gallery houses the only Michaelangelo sculpture in the UK. Their exhibitions are constantly changing, bringing in work by talented and innovative artists.

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds: Has an eclectic exhibition of programmes featuring historical and contemporary style sculptures on display in three separate galleries.

Whitechapel Gallery: Located in East London, Whitechapel gallery holds the distinction of presenting artists like Frida Kahlo and Jackson Pollock in the past.

These are some of the best Free art galleries in the UK, and they are totally worth the visit!