The best canal holidays in the UK

The best canal holidays in the UK: Are you planning to go out for a canal boat holiday? With your family to relax and enjoy the scenes that nature has to offer, well then, UK offers unforgettable canal holiday experiences ranging from a week to up to four weeks ride. Here you hire a boat from any tour agency, receive some basic training on how to man the boat and then you are on your way to enjoying a well-deserved canal boat holiday. The boat has a bathroom, toilet, open space and bedrooms so that it just feels like a home.
There are many canal holiday destinations in the UK however here are the top five destinations that you should consider visiting.

1) The Leeds and Liverpool canal.
This gives you a combination of both wild and urban taste as it involves cruising between the two cities at some point then going through the Pennines which offers wonderful scenery to watch during your four miles per hour boat speed. Again it has steep locks which will intensify your experience.

2) The Brecon canal in Wales.
This offers cross to sixty miles of gentle boat ride cruising past the Usk valley overlooking the Black mountains and enjoying amazing meals in the hotels along the way it offers a lot of excitement and relaxation.

3) Thames.
Another exclusive canal boat holiday involves sailing from Windsor then joining the Oxford canal of course enjoying the beautiful sceneries offered in between intermediate towns and then back to the starting point in a loop we would call the Thames ring.

4) The Avon canal.
Offering a mild country atmosphere and beautiful scenery the boat ride through the Avon canal is a sure way to relax. Although the greater length is countryside there are many service stations along the way to supplement your journey.

5) The Rochdale.
Less crowded, silent and splendid sceneries along the way will make you long to come back again. The Rochdale canal cuts through the Pennine moors all the way to the Hughes country with excellent refuelling stations to ensure that your holiday is smooth and you enjoy it to the maximum.

Try one of these places and you won’t regret!