Sporting Holidays in the UK

Sporting Holidays in the UK:¬†People might be surprised to know that there are a lot of Sporting Holidays in the UK if you know where to look for it. A good sporting place isn’t that far away from London and only a couple of hours away from midland UK as well. Here in South Wales the experience of just outdoor fun is just out there. Getting your feet wet once in a while and getting sand between your toes is just a couple of hours drive away from your home!



With decent waves that can easily support surfing, Porthcawl is filled with surfing enthusiasts of all ages. From pro surfers to even people that are still trying to learn this sport. Not to mention that it has all the space in the world in which it won’t be a problem if the beach is packed with surfers from all around the UK.


White Water Rafting

Who would have thought that the UK would boast such a world-class white water rafting course? In Cardiff families and friends can easily have a get go with white water rafting. For people that love to ge wet to first timers that haven’t even tried the adrenaline rush of rafting will easily enjoy this place. Pur fun that stretches for 254 miles!



If white water rafting is not your thing then you might want to try out canoeing. The Wye Valley offers perfect pristine and crystal clear waters perfect for canoe lovers and first time goers. The valley goes for 100m and it would take days before the trip would end. Though stops are made for BBQ’s and sleeping under the stars with just a canvas over your head. Clearly the ultimate nature trip for adventurous couples and families!



What makes a good biking trail? A good biking trail is something that is well-maintained and is filled with breathtaking views which makes the trail well worth your time. The Alfan Forest Park boasts the best biking trail in all of Britain. 60 miles of fun filled fun and dense forests to ride in. There are also tracks for kids that can easily bike through without the fear of having enough security.


South Wales boasts its natural prowess perfect for outdoor Sporting Holidays in the UK. Families flock from all over Britain just to visit these places here and just step away from the daily urban lives that we all live in today.