Horse Racing in UK

William Hill horse racing

William Hill horse racing

As far as spectator sports go nothing compares to Britain’s second largest event, horse racing. This isn’t just any centuries old tradition; it rakes in over 3.7 billion pounds each year, with world renowned races such as the Royal Ascot hosted at even more iconic racecourses such as Newmarket. Horse racing in the UK is essentially of two types- Flat racing which involves no obstacles just distance and National hunt racing, where the riders and their horses have to intermittently jump hurdles.


The popularity of horse racing in the UK is so overwhelming that there are 60 dedicated racecourses in Britain, of which 14 are run by the Jockey Club. Chester happens to be Britain’s oldest racecourse having been opened in the 16th century, while its newest was opened in 2009 and was christened Ffos Las. What’s even more commendable is that each one of these 60 racecourses has been designed with its own unique appeal, unlike American courses which are all fairly similar.


January 2014 has kick started with a long list of racing events, at courses such as Huntingdon and Lingfield Park. There is currently a lot of interest circulating around AP McCoy, a 39 year old, 18 time champion winning jockey, regarding what his performance will be like in 2014 and if age will be a factor. Up and coming stars in Britain on the other hand are note worthy as well, such as the 21 year Irishman, Brian Cooper. As for big spenders, Sheikh Joaan al Thani has just paid a whopping 5.25 million pounds for a filly which he hopes will make him an even bigger return on his investment. Breeders all over the world would pay dearly for the best racehorses bred in the UK which can trace their lineage back to the 17th century, bringing home the fact that it is not just your average game.


Even though horse racing in the UK can trace its roots back to the Roman Empire, it is the Jockey Club and the British Horse racing Authority which over see events, rules and marketing today. Additionally, it is no surprise that aristocrats are involved in horse racing in Great Britain, considering that the sport was once ruled by the aristocracy. Even so it is quite a public affair, open to everyone and with betting at its core; the racing and gambling industry specifically William Hill horse racing are very much mutually dependent on each other. This is why we can safely say that horse racing in the UK is more than just a spectator sport, it is taken very seriously and it is considered the hub of racing.