Halloween Breaks in the UK 2018

Halloween Breaks in the UK 2018

Halloween Breaks in the UK 2018: It might feel like the exciting summer vacation has just ended, with all the fascinating memories still fresh in our minds, but the dress up the occasion of the year is around the corner in Halloween 2018. Halloween is the second most anticipated holiday around the world; after Christmas of course.

Halloween provides a good opportunity to travel the world, adventure new places as you learn new things and above all else, indulge in the excitement of visiting scary places and engaging in frightening activities. What better place to spend your Halloween break than in the UK. With its long and interesting history, century-old castles and intimidating legends, there is so much to see and do in the UK for the ultimate Halloween experience.

The Old Halloween Traditions

The old Halloween traditions, including the iconic trick-or-treat, telling of ghost stories and carving pumpkins, are alive all over the UK. In addition to these exciting activities, which are especially enjoyed by children, there are plenty of colourful parades and scary events going down in the UK during the Halloween break.

If you feel a little old for the usual trick-or-tell Halloween activities, don’t just sit alone in a Halloween costume watching your favourite show all evening. Instead, venture out there for the countless fun-filled Halloween activities and scary attractions in the UK.

Some of the greatest UK attractions will be putting up special events just for you. Scare yourself silly at one of UK’s must-visit Halloween destinations. A trip to Whitby should be on your list if you are intrigued by vampires. In addition to uncovering Whitby’s vampiric past, you can also use this Halloween break to risk climbing the 119 stone steps that lead to the Whitby Abbey ruins; where a ghostly nun supposedly lives.

Warwick Castle

You can visit the Warwick Castle for the ultimate Halloween ghostly scare. Warwick Castle has many tales of witchcraft, execution and battle making it a great destination for a spooky Halloween break.

Chester City

If you are one of those people who can’t imagine spending Halloween away from the city, the UK is dotted with haunted cities. Chester city is a treasure of supernatural tales. From medieval buildings along the city’s street, the Chester zoo to the Roman city walls, there is a lot to spice up your Halloween break in Chester city.


You could head to London for a fun-filled Halloween break. With its countless terrifying tales, haunted buildings and pubs, the London Dungeons, Wicked the Musical, and so much more, no city screams Halloween better than London.

There are many blood-curdling Halloween parties for the ghastly guys and ghoulish girls. Give yourself a chance to fill a mad adrenaline flow during the 2018 witching hour. Don’t feel brave enough for a big scare? You could end up in one of UK’s most banging nightclubs, or at the best fancy dress party.

Halloween is also a great time to spend with your family and loved ones. There is no shortage of family-themed Halloween events in the UK. If you will be with the kids, you can visit an exciting, adrenaline-fueled Halloween park or hotel for a night of serious frights and extreme rides.

One thing is for sure, Halloween 2018 is going OFF in the UK. And there is something exciting, scary and fun for everyone to engage in.

Make sure Halloween will be a break to remember. As they say, ‘happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever’

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