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Great theme parks in the UK

Great theme parks in the UK: The theme parks in UK are a great source of entertainment, beauty and attractions. These provide a value outing for families and friends.
Below are some of the prominent Theme Parks in UK:

1. M&D is a picturesque theme park consisting of 40 different rides and attractions. The Rides include ‘The Express’, ‘The Tsunami’, ‘Tornado’ and ‘White Water’.

2. Lightwater Valley is one of the foremost theme parks in UK with over 40 rides and attractions. It has all the ingredients to thrill families including Europe’s longest roller Coaster – ‘The Ultimate’, ‘Skeleton Cove’, ‘Powder Kegs’, ‘Mighty black Pearl’, ‘Raptor Attack’, ‘Eagle’s Claw’ and ‘Wild River Rapids’.

3. Flamingo Land theme park includes fabulous rides like ‘Cliff Hanger’, ‘Velocity’ and ‘Kumali’.

4. Pleasure Beach Blackpool theme park has over 125 rides, charms and remarkable shows. ‘Nickelodeon Land’, ‘Pepsi Max Big One’, ‘River Caves’, ‘Valhalla’ and Infusion are some of its top attractions.

5. Camelot Theme Park is a mixture of enchanted wizardry and combating cavaliers.

6. Gulliver’s Warrington has the magical ‘Gilly & Mouse’ and great rides like ‘Nemesis’, ‘Oblivion’, ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Sub-Terra’. These provide a stunning family experience and a remarkable day out.

7. Drayton Manor is UK’s biggest domestic theme park showcasing mythical and roller coaster rides like ‘Shockwave’, ‘Stormforce 10’, ‘Apocalypse’, ‘G-Force’, ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘Ben 10 – Ultimate Mission’.

8. Gulliver’s Matlock Bath is a great theme park for families with children. It has a lot of amazing rides for audience of all age groups.

9. Wheelgate theme park is an amazing park for an enchanting family outing with lot of amusement rides.

10. Pleasure Island theme park has seven amazing white knuckle rides for all age groups. It also has 5 great family shows.

11. Fantasy Island is a an indoor theme park with a white projection and a variety of fun rides.

12. Twinlakes theme park provides boundless thrills and chills for the entire family.

13. Pleasurewood Hills theme park has wonderful shows with parrots, sea lions, gymnasts and other entertainers.

14. Wicksteed theme park has a wide range of attractions specifically for the young crowd.

15. Gulliver’s Milton Keynes has a variety of themed areas, rides, attractions and shows to enchant children.

16. Legoland Windsor is an exclusive theme park with great rides like ‘The Dragon’, ‘Vikings’, ‘River Splash’ and ‘The Driving School’. It’s remarkable ‘Miniland’ and ancient ‘Kingdom of the Pharaohs’ is a real treat to experience.

17. Thorpe Park is UK’s most exhilarating theme park with unbelievable rides like ‘Slammer’, ‘SAW – The Ride’ and ‘Tidal Wave’. It has fanciful roller coasters like ‘The Swarm’ and ‘Stealth’, 10 looping giants and an electrifying ‘Nemesis Inferno’.

18. Chessington World of Adventures is an amazing family theme park for children and adults. Some of its attractions include ‘Vampire’, ‘Rameses Revenge’, ‘Dragon’s Fury’, ‘Tomb Blaster’ and ‘Bubbleworks’.

19. Adventure Island is a free theme park featuring roller coasters like ‘Green Scream’ and other rides for the entire family.

20. Harbour Park is a family theme park and includes rides like ‘Logger’s Revenge’, ‘Water Chute’ and ‘Caterpillar Coaster’.

21. Paultons Park – Home of Peppa Pig World has the world’s first fashionable Peppa Pig World. It has an overwhelming volcano-themed ride called ‘MAGMA’. It has amazing rides including ‘EDGE’, ‘The Stinger’, ‘The Cobra’, ‘Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride’, ‘Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight’, ‘Grandpa’s Little Train’ and ‘George’s Dinosaur Adventure’.

There are a lot of other theme parks in UK like ‘Adventure Wonderland’, ‘Crealy Devon’, ‘Milky Way’,’Crealy Cornwall’ and ‘Flambards’ that provide a truly electrifying and satisfying experience for the entire family.


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