Essential Equipment required for backpacking

Essential Equipment required for backpacking: Backpacking trips are really enjoyable and adventurous too, enabling you to explore the various locations in the nature. When it comes to backpacking, you need to make sure that it is not too heavy and you carry only what is necessary. It is important to make sure that the items are light and have multi-purposed usage. Otherwise you will become really tired and will not be able to carry it and enjoy your trip. A few backpacking essentials are:

1.Backpacking Tent
Since your travel is going to be unpredictable, you might not be able to find a shelter to sleep. So it is better for you to carry a tent in order to protect yourself from the rain and other weather conditions.

2.Travel gear
You will not be able to carry your regular clothes. Therefore it is good for you to buy an outdoor gear, which is light weight and takes up less space while packing.

3.Food and Sufficient Water
You might not find suitable food and water. So it is advisable for you to take simple food and plenty of water.

4.First Aid Kit
It is necessary for you to have a First Aid Kit incase of any injuries or unhealthy conditions. Even if something like a fracture happens, it can save you until help arrives.

5.GPS system
You need to have a tracker to reach the destination with ease. It can also help you in case you lose your path.

6.Mode of communication
Carry a cell phone with you, with fully charged batteries. Also try to purchase a solar charger for recharging your phone.

7.Sleeping bag and mat
In case you are travelling during winter, then you might require a blanket to protect you from the cold. The blanket and mat should be lightweight.

Late in the evening, it’ll become pitch dark and you’ll surely need a LED flashlight.