Day trip to Manchester 

Things to do from Piccadilly Park to Castlefield and more

Spanning over 60 square miles, Manchester has become a popular day trip location for Europeans. The city is located in North West England and dates back to Roman times. According to the reports by the official visit UK government travel body, it is the second most populated area in the UK. With so many people, so much history, and so much to do within the city, one may not know where to start when planning a day trip.

If you are traveling to Manchester by public transport why not buy your train ticket at Northern Rail calling at over 500 stations in the North of England including Manchester. Here are five suggestions to ensure that you have a great day trip to Manchester.

Number One: Piccadilly Gardens

If you are looking for a nice stroll along some of the historical buildings of Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens is ideal. The garden is bordered by Portland Street, Mosley Street, and Parker Street. Within the garden, you will find many historical statues including that of Queen Victoria, Adrift, Robert Peel,  the Duke of Wellington, James Watt, and John Dalton. After a stroll through the gardens, stop to enjoy the fountain or oval shaped pond.

Number two: Museum of Science and Industry

A day trip to Manchester to see the MOSI is well worth it. The building was opened in 1965 on Governor Street but became too large. In 1985 the building moved to its current location, the oldest surviving railway station in the world. Where there are different exhibits throughout the year. The MOSI museum houses a Ferranti Collection, offers daily engine demonstrations from historical models, and keeps a giant computer (known as baby) at the premises. Check the website to see the specific displays for the day you are visiting Manchester.

Number three: Castlefield

Castlefield is an “abandoned” Roman fort. The name of the location was given centuries later after the site had seen a vast amount of vegetation growth. The locals called the site “The Castle in the Field”. Since that time, the location has become the site of a great many tourist attractions including the Castlefield Carnival and Boat Rally. The site has also seen a bit of an update to make it more accommodating to visitors. Yet, the historical presence is still very prominent. You can also visit Heritage Park at Castlefield which is Brittan’s first Urban Heritage Park, or visit one of the many events held in the outdoor events arena throughout the year. The arena is designed to accent the Roman structure of the fort and so the seating is typical to that of the Roman “theatre”.

Number Four: Sea Life Manchester

A day trip to Manchester with your friends or family can easily become an aquatic adventure when visiting Sea Life Manchester.  Manchester Sea Life offers Europe’s first sea bed walk.

A sea bed walk is truly a unique experience for those that love aquatics. In this experience you put on a “scuba” helmet and dive into the tank with the fishes. The aquarium ensures that the oxygen is three times more than what is needed for the time in the aquarium. Once you are on the bottom of the sea environment, you will experience the fishes, sea turtles and other aquatic life from inside the exhibit.  The average cost of such an experience starts at £60.

If this is a bit too extreme, don’t worry. The sea life Manchester also has the traditional viewing of their aquatic animals. Guest can experience the same sea life without getting their hands wet (although they do have a touch pool).

Number Five: The opera House Manchester

If you love the performing arts then consider attending a performance at the Manchester Opera house. One of the  largest opera houses in the UK (with about 4,000 seats) as well as being one of the most prestigious opera venues in the country, the opera house has become a favorite for day visitors to Manchester. Performances range in classical opera iconic operas (such as cats or Phantom of the Opera) to the more contemporary productions (such as Pricilla or Ben and Holly’s little kingdom). Prices for the events depend upon the seating as well as the demand (for example you will probably spend more on Cats than you would on a local performer).

Find your favorites

These are just a few of the many activities that you can participate in on your day trip to Manchester.  Other activities include Lego land and of course you can go to the beach or to a waterpark. A good trip to Manchester will cost about £40-£80 for entertainment and then additional funds for food and transportation.  Regardless of your taste or style Manchester has something that will cater to your style. From Piccadilly gardens to Castlefield and more a day trip is sure to bring you an enjoyable break from the norm.

Written by the people at Northern Rail.