Budget travel tips for your European holiday

Budget travel tips for your European holiday

Going on holiday can seem like an impossible dream, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You scrimp and you save and then it still doesn’t look like you’ll be able to afford even a miserable weekend on a campsite. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Europe has many great destinations that won’t blow your budget and leave you out of pocket.

Here are some travel tips to make sure your European holiday is inexpensive but still fun.

Get to grips with public transport

When you’re on a budget it unfortunately means that taking taxis is out of the question. Buy a map and get to grips with the local public transport system. Most European countries offer various passes for transport ranging for day-long to month-long. Take advantage of them because the more you travel the cheaper your ticket will be.

Look for all-in-one city passes

Speaking of passes, check the local tourist office to see if they offer all-in-one city passes. These could cover entry fees to local attractions, public transport fees and sometimes even discounts for local shops and restaurants. You might find that a pass means you can do more things than your budget originally allowed.

Eat al fresco

Europe is known for having some of the most beautiful parks and communal spaces in the world, so it seems silly not to make the most of them during your trip. Head to the local supermarket and stock up on picnic supplies for cheap lunches.

Family holiday?

You might think that you can’t afford a family holiday but Europe offers some of the best family discount rates in the world. These packages could get you cheap tickets to attractions, discounted accommodation and dining options. Some packages also include student discounts, making travelling with your teenagers cheap and simple.

Book a mid-week break

Weekends are not only busier but they are also more expensive. Beat the crowds and be kind to your cash by travelling during the week rather than at weekends. Both transport and accommodation costs tend to be cheaper during the week so you could score yourself a double deal through beatthebrochure UK.

You can’t grow your own money but you can save it when travelling in Europe