British Summer Time: What to do in the UK this summer

British Summer Time: What to do in the UK this summer

It’s time to take a break from the package holiday and enjoy the green and pleasant land of the United Kingdom. With a rich history and diverse landscape, the UK is much more than just the area you live in.

The British summer weather is far kinder than we give it credit for, and here in good old Blighty, there are a huge range of activities to participate in beyond laying on a beach (though you can even do that if you’d like to!).

For the ultimate adventure holiday, there really is nowhere better than the UK. And here’s why…

Rat Race Events

Rat Race Events hosts a huge range of activities which will push you to your limits…and beyond.

Some of the great events include Rat Race: The Crossing, which is a three day mountain biking event across England;  River Rat Race, which is a 10K event including on-road and off-road running, and swimming in Glasgow; and Coast to Coast, a 100 mile Scottish event utilising biking, running and rowing.

These events can cost anything from £100 upwards, but the memories and sense of achievement will last for ever, making them the perfect adventure holiday!

Trail Plus


Team effort image take from Trail Plus


Trail Plus is designed for groups of three people working together as a team to complete a difficult but rewarding adventure course. Spent over a full weekend with five different UK destinations to pick from, teams must take part in trail running, mountain biking and kayak canoeing, alongside defeating some other obstacle challenges on the way!

It’s £145 per team, though if you submit four teams or more at once, you’ll enjoy a nice £20 discount per team. There’s no pressure to race if you don’t wish to; the event focusses upon the enjoyment of completing the task above all else!

Questars: The Adventure Race Series

A series of adventure racers, Questars takes place across several weekends from March to October. The format varies somewhat from race to race and between locations, though is made up of trail running, mountain biking and optional kayaking! You have the chance to race with friends as up to four people can be in a team, making it a great get away with friends or family.

One day events can cost between £36-45 per person dependent upon kayaking, whilst the two-day events cost either £79 for early birds, or £89 at the normal price. A complete bargain for a weekend away!


Zombie Evacuation Race


Zombie heard in full make-up and costume, image taken from fancy dress ball


The Zombie Evacuation Race is an endurance course with a twist: you’ll not only have to navigate across 5K of terrain and obstacles, but make it away from the zombies who are chasing you! Perfect for zombie and fitness lovers alike, it’s a great quirky event for those bored of the usual.

There are events from April to October with prices around £40 per person, though you can enjoy a discount with a team! With locations all around the UK, there’s no reason to miss out on your own personal apocalypse!