Biking in Scotland

Biking in Scotland is so exciting; with a great network of paths, trail to cycle from, an outstanding natural environment and one of the best revised progressive access rights in the world. The following guide that I will provide here below is a guide to biking in Scotland , it will help you to enjoy as well as equip you with viable knowledge on how to ride a bike in a safe and responsible manner.

1. Check the weather before going for a ride.
For those that are not aware, in Scotland, the weather can change very quickly and it is very common to encounter with snow, rain and sunshine all in a day. That is why it’s good to first check on that particular day weather forecast before you go out biking. plus the other recent past days weather conditions that should guide your of route accordingly ;this is because, some trails may become badly damaged if used after heavy downfall of rain, meaning you may spoil them for your own use as well for people walking on them and your fellow trail users.

2. Park a bag.
Should always be ready because the worst can happen any time you go for biking. You can be caught up riding on a remote wilderness trail .It is therefore useful to pack a multi-tool, water or food that should see you through the whole trip. Also include a first aid kit, pump, spare inner tube, map, and a mobile phone. Note that, you should know how to use all those stuffs.

3. Select a route responsibly.
Here, first think about the environment you will be riding through and be able to find out if there will be anything that influences your choice of route and the ability to plan alternative route in case you notice there is a situation that you may encounter and may either force to stop biking or change to unplanned route. When planning for the route to take, one should be aware of the following.
*forests-may encounter falling trees, extraction activities, shooting e.t.c
*Farm-may comes across crops chemical application that can be harmful to your health.

4. Speed.
If you choose to ride your bike near any park or near homes, bear in mind that this places are always busy with pedestrians ,pets and vehicles, you should always be aware and in control of your speed. Be alert to other people and their pets, by ensuring you are riding at a speed that does not endanger them.