Best Ways to Travel in the UK

Best Ways to Travel in the UK

The British love to complain.  They honestly believe they are hard done by because of their transport system.  However, as a tourist, you don’t have to go on the public transport or even the roads during rush hour and you can avoid the commuter trains.  This should make your experience a lot more pleasant.  In fact, some would say it is both convenient and easy.  The entire country has excellent networks for buses and trains.  In London, you will also find the Undergound, and there are also cities that have trams (Manchester, Sheffield and Croydon).  Every town in the UK has taxis and you also have the choice to hire a car from any UK airport or even hotel and drive yourself.

Cost of Travel

If you have to buy tickets for your transport, you may find that it gets a little bit complicated.  If you buy your ticket on the day, you will pay the most.  This is particularly true if you travel before 9.30am or after 5pm.  Hence, it is always a good idea to buy in advance, or you could opt to buy passes.  There are also often family tickets and day tickets available that you may want to look into.  London Travel Cards and the London Pass are great, if you are traveling in the capital city of course.

Domestic Flights

The United Kingdom has quite a few airports, despite being quite small in comparison.  Because of its small size, there are only few domestic flights.  As a consequence, these flights are quite expensive.  They will, however, get you from A to B in record time.  Certain airlines do have quite competitive prices, so it is worth looking into.

Train Travel

England has a lot of different train operators and a huge rail network.  The rail is owned by the state, but the operators are privatised.  Because of this, the price of train travel varies.  Peak times, long journeys and holiday periods are the most expensive.  Book more than a week ahead, however, and be flexible about the time at which you travel and you can make huge savings.

Coach Travel

There are numerous coach operators in England as well.  These drive up and down and across the country and can offer very cheap travel option.  They are clean and comfortable and highly reliable.  Prices are really good, but the distances can be great and the travel times long.  You can also choose to take coach day trips, including mystery tours, which can be a lot of fun.

Bus Travel

When people complain about public transportation in England, they tend to be right about the buses.  They are uncomfortable, unreliable and expensive.  However, in many more remote areas of the country, they are also the only means of transportation.  Make sure you look into day tickets, which allow you to travel over a large area on the same bus operator in order to keep the costs down.  Naturally, if you find yourself in a double-decker, make sure you sit upstairs, on the top.

Tram Travel

As stated earlier, only very few cities operate a tram network.  They are clean, reliable and comfortable, making them quite a good option.  One of the greatest things is that they are generally not affected by traffic jams.

Taxi Travel

The UK may be known for its London cabs, but they are hugely expensive.  However, in more rural areas of the country, taxis can be quite affordable, having a fixed price during the day, and a slightly more expensive price during the night.  For long distances, taxi travel is generally quite expensive, but if you are with a group of four or more, it may actually work out cheaper than any other form of transportation.

Renting a Car in England

Your last option is to explore on your own and simply hire a car.  You could even opt to hire a campervan and sleep wherever you want to, or stick a tent in the back of your car and camp where you want.  Although wild camping is not allowed in England, most farmers will be happy for you to stay on their land so long as you ask them before you pitch.  Make sure you take a look at some of the top budget holiday places in the UK to see where you could stay on the cheap as well.