Best places to view Britain’s wildlife

In order to get the best out of Britain’s wildlife, it is important for tourists to know the Best places to view Britain’s wildlife. Britain has a wide assortment of natural habitat harbouring all sorts of animals. To add on to the natural habitats, the place has gardens, parks and zoos with flourishing flora and fauna. The following are some of the well renowned wildlife viewpoints in Britain.

Lundy Island
This island is situated some ten miles from the coast of Devon. It is the only marine nature reserve in the region. While in Lundy, one can catch sight of the largest seabird colony inhabiting the south of England, Soay sheep, wild ponies, Soay goats, Lundy cabbage, seals, dolphins, bottlenose, harbour porpoises and basking sharks. The island also boasts of rich marine life diversity.

Nottingham Attenborough Nature Reserve
It is located along River Trent, outside the city centre of Nottingham. Initially, the site was a wet grassland habitat but was converted into a gravel extraction site. Recently, the region was rehabilitated into a network of islands and lakes. Special habitats for species like the dragonfly pond were introduced in the area. From this point, one can view waterfowls like shoveller and pochard; bittern, kingfisher and winter migrants.

The Cairngorms wildlife view point is situated on the eastern Scottish highlands. It is one of the biggest wildernesses in the region and the largest national park in Britain. It is in Cairngorms that wildlife like: Scottish crossbill, ospreys, golden eagles, snow buntings, ptarmigans, crested tit and capercaillies can be seen. In addition to these, visitors to this place can also view wild cats, pine martens, red and roe deer as well as reindeers.

Malham Tarn
It is located at the Yorkshire Dales southern base next to Skipton. The spectacular sight of Malham Tarn is the highest freshwater lake in England. The lake was formed during the last ice age. Among the wildlife that can be viewed in Malham are: the Malham which are the fastest birds of prey in England, green woodpeckers, owls and redstarts.
While there are so many points from which wildlife can be viewed, these are some of the best places to view Britain’s wildlife that any tourist to England should consider visiting.