Best Family Coach Holiday Destinations 2013

Best Family Coach Holiday Destinations 2013


If you’re into cruising around Europe on a coach holiday then you’ll want to know the best destinations to go this year. From bustling city retreats to outland retreats, these are the top spots to travel by coach this summer, with a few little reasons why.


Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris

The city of love is always a crowd favourite and this year is looking to be the hottest in a while, so, as one of the closer countries, it’s a strong option to spend some time and money in. This month it will be even more exciting as the Tour de France finishes on 21st July, 14th Jul sees the explosive celebrations of Bastille day and, of course, the famous Paris store summer sale. It’s going to be a great destination for any metropolitan-vibe lover.

If you fancy a quiet break while you’re there or prefer a more themed occasion then Disneyland Paris is the place for you. It will give you a magical experience, especially with this summers’ Disney Dreams! Show, featuring a whole host of fireworks and activities. has coach trips to eurodisney, with a range of times and prices.



Celebration mode will be in full swing despite the Eurozone crisis this summer as Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union. If you’ve never been to Dubrovnik before then it’s a must. The walled city has held scenes from the cult hit TV show A Game of Thrones and you can now even go on a guided tour while you are there for between fifty and one hundred pounds that explores King’s Landing, Qarth and the fortress used in the Battle of Blackwater. You won’t be able to hold your own against Stannis’ army and you certainly won’t be allowed a sword, but it would be pretty fun.

Other top locations around Croatia include Zagreb and the luscious island of Hvar.

As this is the furthest of the three, it’s not recommended to people of an impatient nature and even if you are patient, you will need a big book for the drive!



Sometimes hot weather and bustling cities isn’t what people want. In that case, Switzerland is the best destination for a coach trip this summer. The magic here comes in the form of the Swiss mountains and lakes, mixed in with a pleasantly quaint countryside backdrop. Most coach trips stop of in Brienz, the home of Swiss woodcarving and Lucerne for its medieval buildings.

A slightly niche but exciting event in August this year is the annual Festival Da Jazz, which is the highest-altitude club-based jazz festival in Europe, reportedly hosting new and well-known talent in the ‘legendary’ Dracula Club.


Photo credit: CameliaTWU