Best Christmas Markets in the UK 2018

Best Christmas Markets in the UK 2018

Best Christmas Markets in the UK – Christmas is just a few weeks away. As usual, we all enjoy the opening of UK’s Christmas markets. Well, there are a variety of goodies to shop for. For instance, if you’re looking for wooden toys or ice rinks or mulled wine, then get yourself to the festive markets in the UK.  The following are some of the best Christmas markets in the UK:


The festive market opens from November to January. If you travel to the UK, you’ll definitely love the markets in London. Here’s a list of some of the best markets in London during this festive season:

• Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. It opens on November 22 and goes on all the way to January 6th. Apart from the market, visitors can also enjoy circus shows, ice rink, an ice bar and one of the biggest observation wheels.

• Winterville. Here you can find the best street food and even a disco.

• Southbank Centre Winter Market at the Royal Festival Hall Riverside. It opens on November 9th to December 27th.


This market opens from 17th November to January 5th and offers so any festive activities. The markets here include the East Princes Street Garden, Johny Walker Bothy bar, and the Silent Light.


Markets here open from November 9th to 22nd December. It not only hosts UK markets, but there is also a European Market in Albert Square, a French-themed stall at King Street and a German-style market in St Ann’s Square.

There are a variety of stalls and markets to choose from. You will find boutiques, food outlets, leather goods, globally selected jewellery among many items being sold here.


You will find the Glasgow Christmas market at St Enoch Square. Opening from November 9th to December 23th, the market offers a wide range of international goods.

Visitors can also sample mulled wine and local duck rotisserie, Bavarian beers, a hog roast, and some nicely made French crepes.

The above are just a few of the best Christmas markets in the UK. If you’re planning to travel during this festive season, then you definitely want to visit these markets.

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