A guide to wine, beer and cider tours in the UK

A guide to wine, beer and cider tours in the UK: The United Kingdom has one of the some of the most popular wine, beer and cider manufactured with elegant taste. Cider is brought about by the United Kingdom’s rich orchards which produces a wide variety of fruits. Here is a review of UK Wine, beer and cider tours.


The British wine created with elegant taste has become popular over a very short period of years, this has been made possible by the presence of hundreds of vineyards across the United Kingdom. One of the favourites Vineyards is located along the Isle of Wight, this vineyard has produced wine for prominent persons such as the Queen of England. The Glyndwr Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyard in the island of Wales to be ran by a family. To experience the true taste of English Wine, an individual can attend the English wine Week.


Britons like their beer a lot, most of them regard it as one of the best in the world. The united kingdom has more than eight hundred breweries. These breweries produces thousand of different varieties of beer. It is advised to visit the famous beer manufacturing companies such as the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery located in London. Britain’s oldest brewery the Shepherd Neame also produces a one of a kind beer.


The United Kingdom is very rich as far as orchards are concerned, The United Kingdom has been a major producer of cider for very many years. The West Country is the best place because of the plenty of cider farms. The great Museum in Hereford, is where a person can have a taste of champagne made from cider. The Burrow Hill is also a place where Cider is cultivated.

It is therefore a necessity, for every adult to try one these amazing products from cider, beer or even the wine which is home made in the United Kingdom.