A guide to adventure holidays in the UK

A guide to adventure holidays in the UK, If you are looking for the ultimate adventure holiday destination, then the UK is the ideal choice. Endowed with a rugged coastline, green forests, dramatic mountains and fast flowing rivers, it is the perfect choice for some adrenaline sports.

Sea kayaking

You can enjoy an adventure with your family on the waters in different destinations in the UK. There are various activity operators who offer kayaking, canoeing and white water rafting. Popular due to its appeal to all ages, kayaking allows you to explore the UK’s coastline as well as the ocean waves. You can visit the caves, some uninhabited islands as well as awesome beaches. Where you have the necessary experience, you can take a trip crashing on the waves or paddling through the smooth waters.

Rock climbing

Endowed with some craggy mountains, stone walls and towering sea cliffs, the UK is just but the perfect destination for abseiling and rock climbing adventures. If you feel as if you are not good in it, you do not have to worry. There are various operators in specialist activities who offer expert instructions and climbing courses.

Kite surfing

The UK is the perfect destination for kitesurfing and wind surfing due to its windswept beaches, wide open spaces and beautiful sceneries. You can enjoy the power of the Welsh waves and wind as you fight the elements and experiencing the water sport that is growing in popularity.


Another popular adventure activity that you can engage in the UK is coasteering. Coasteering involves maneuvering through the coastline at a sea level. This may be in form of diving, swimming, scrambling, rock hopping or traversing. Coasteering was first developed in the area of Pembroke and it is one of the fastest growing water sports. The UK has many miles of a coastline that is both natural and stunning.

There are also many other adventure activities such as mountain biking and caving. Therefore, the UK is the best destination for adventure holidays.