5 traditional recipes from the Lake District

5 traditional recipes from the Lake District

5 traditional recipes from the Lake District
The Lake District is an area of unquestionable beauty and breath-taking scenery. Visitors can pack their days full with walking, trekking, attractions, shopping, water sports… The the list goes on. At the end of a busy day, tired visitors can also look forward to hearty meals which are guaranteed to fill, warm and reenergize reenergise the diner for the following day.
Here are just some of the best recipes you have to try, during your holidays in the Lake District:

• Cumberland Sausage
Popular (and famous) dishes include the humble Cumberland Sausage, which is a long, often coiled sausage, which is filled with flavour from quality meat and spices. The traditional sausage contains a minimum of 80% meat and so diners can be sure to have a filling feed at numerous eateries throughout the Lakes.

• Sticky Toffee Pudding
It is believed that the Lake District can lay claim to one of the most popular and satisfying British puddings in history – the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Drowning in warm, sweet toffee, this dessert is a steamed pudding containing dates or prunes, and it is often served with custard. The pudding is indisputablyindisputably unquestionably British – somewhat heavy, generously sweet and undeniably satisfying.

• Kendal Mint Cake
For those needing an extra boost of energy during the day’s activities, the Lake District has a weapon to combat all fatigue – the Kendal Mint Cake! For anyone doubting the reenergising ability of Kendal Mint Cake, it should be noted that Edmund Hillary and his team consumed it on their expedition of Everest in 1953.; Oone of the team even suggesting suggested that their only complaint was not having taken taking extra supplies! . Three companies still produce the minty sweet confectionary confectionery bar in Kendal, Romney’s, Wilson’s and Quiggin’s.

• Gingerbread Men
Legend has it that Queen Elizabeth I introduced gingerbread men to her court, who presented courtiers with gingerbread likenesses of themselves for Christmas. Present day, Gingerbread gingerbread men are available in bakeries throughout the UK, but one baker in particular lays claim to the trademarked Grasmere Gingerbread – the late Sarah Nelson.
Although Sarah died in 1904, aged 88, her secret recipe did not pass with her and is still used to bake the rich-flavoured bread to this day. Sarah sold her gingerbread outside her home to Victorian tourists, and today modern day visitors fully enjoy the same recipe.

• Lancashire Hot Pot
One dish that needs little introduction is the Lancashire hot pot. After an active busy day of activities, this meal guarantees to tantalise and satisfy the healthiest appetite. The dish was created to use up kitchen excesses and to fill the diner at a low expense. This is a Lake District favourite in pubs and is filled with Herdwick Lamb, a delicious and delicate flavoured meat (reared naturally in the area), as well as vegetables and a flavoursome stock.

All the meals on offer in the Lakes are equally enticing and just as memorable as the experiences and attractions. Each dish is prepared with attention to traditional recipes that have withstood the test of time. The Lake District truly offers its holiday makers fulfilment at every chance.