5 Unique Ideas For Weekend Breaks In The UK

5 Unique Ideas For Weekend Breaks In The UK

For those seeking a short weekend break, the UK is home to a selection of uncovered gems that cater to those searching for something slightly more unconventional. It’s a great idea to mix it up a bit at times and engage in something new and fresh; here are some of the best ideas for short breaks around the UK:


Trelowarren sunburst



Situated down in Cornwall, Trelowarren features a selection of attractive cottages available for rent. The unique charm of the cottages arrives in the form of its ecological benefits. For those wishing to go green, the cottages here are equipped for your needs and built using resourceful materials and utilised in such a way that it cuts off carbon emissions.

Lighthouse Hotel

This is a wide-ranging option as there is a selection of abandoned lighthouses around the UK, such as the one found at Corsewall, that have been renovated for hotel use. Unique, luxurious and perfectly set up by the water, this getaway will be unlike any other. There’s a range of suites and rooms available, the more expensive with a water view, and Wi-Fi available in the rooms so that the atmosphere is slightly more contemporary.


three-cliffs bay

Three Cliffs Bay

A perfect spot for those looking to get away for a weekend out in the open; this stunning cliff spot looks out over the dazzling water providing jaw-dropping scenery and panoramic views and to appease the younger audience, there’s a beach nearby to enjoy some gentle sea, sun and sand. The area is unspoiled and a wonderful place to get away and enjoy some natural air whilst taking a break from the technologically orientated world.

Norfolk Broads

Set in the flat yet elegant land of Norfolk, the Broads are a series of waterways where families and couples are able to rent out a barge or a small boat for a day or a weekend and float serenely up and down the river. For a small price, it’s a great experience and an incredibly peaceful one too. You’re able to tie the barge to a mast and jump on shore for a quick bite at the riverside cafes and pubs in the glorious sunshine, enjoying one of the more unique experiences the UK is able to offer.

Belsay Hall

Belsay Hall

Field Hall Lodge, on Belsay Hall’s grounds, allows a certain number of visitors to stay in its guest-rooms. This is ideal for those seeking something unconventional and wishing to experience a slightly more traditional home which boasts a bygone era. The Lodge holds groups of up to six people and visitors can experience some local landmarks such as Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Castle.

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