5 Survival Tips For People Undertaking Working Holidays In Europe

5 Survival Tips For People Undertaking Working Holidays In Europe

5 Survival Tips For People Undertaking Working Holidays In Europe

If your considering going overseas for a working holiday, the excitement and anticipation would be building as you reach closer to making your decision. During your decision making process, you’ll be exploring a range of opportunities and seeking much needed advice from professional and personal sources trying to find out as much as you can about the desired destination and the factors involved. So what is involved with working holidays? What do you need to do pre and post departure? Here are 5 survival tips for people undertaking working holidays in Europe.

Seek Professional Travel Advice Prior

Prior to making any formal arrangements, you should visit your local or preferred travel agent for advice. Travel agents have access to an abundance of information that are either inaccessible or difficult to find for most everyday consumers. Most travel agents have also travelled themselves, therefore they’ll be able to provide first-hand knowledge, based on their previous experiences. This will provide you with some insight and potentially grasp your interest for specific destinations. Here you can also grab many travel brochures to read about preferred locations.

Consider a Working Holiday Program

Working holiday programs remove all the stress and uncertainty of travelling overseas to a foreign country for an unspecified amount of time. In most instances, you acquire a job and accommodation prior to even departing your home country. Many programs will hold your hand through every step of the process to get you ready for your overseas working holiday. This is where your travel agent comes in handy again, as most will provide these services. They will also assist you with your required visas and flights.

Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

If your heading to Europe, you will be visiting many unknown destinations and encountering many new and exciting experiences that you haven’t done before. This may include such events as skiing, excessive partying and potentially ‘running with the bulls’. Regardless of where you go, you will participate in many events that could possibly cause injuries. Therefore, travel insurance is a MUST to purchase prior leaving home. This will ensure all unexpected injuries or illnesses will be handled through a reputable provider. Travel insurance also covers lost or stolen property, so be sure to insure yourself before you leave for your adventure.

Travel With Friends

To help remove some of your nerves, you should partake in working holidays with a close friend, or group of friends. This way you have a travelling partner and have someone to share the immediate experiences with. You’ll surely meet people and make new friends throughout your travels, however the initial fear and anxiety won’t be as strong, as you’ll have people in the same boat. It will switch from fear of travelling by yourself, to excitement of travelling with friends.

Acquire Handy Monetary Devices

Opposed to carrying excess amounts of debit and credit cards, you should look into safer monetary methods, such as a travel money card. These are safe and secure as they don’t link directly to your personal bank account. You simply upload a desired amount onto your card and use it as an everyday debit card to withdraw cash through ATM’s. They are also pin-protected so no one else can use it, and if lost can be cancelled. NEVER carry an abundance of cash when travelling overseas, this is an invitation for thieves along the way. Travel money cards are the safest and securest way of travelling with your money.

As an experienced traveller through numerous working holiday programs and individual adventures, these would be my 5 handy survival tips for any first time traveller.

Written by Samuel Atkins
Samuel has been backpacking and working around Europe for the past 12 months. He is currently is Croatia and thinks it is the best place he’s travelled to by far.