4 Best Science Museums In Europe

4 Best Science Museums In Europe

4 Best Science Museums In Europe: Europe is at the place of the greatest cultures and civilizations of the world. It’s a diverse and fascinating place with several of its mysteries still to be discovered by historians and modern archaeologists.

Europe is home to countless museums, several of that are a number of the foremost stunning within the world like paintings, tallest buildings, sculptures, artefacts, frescoes or fashionable art installations, Europe’s museums are among the best works of art within the world, representing all eras, all movements and every monoculture.

To find the foremost stunning museum in the world, then Europe is one of the simplest destinations. Therefore take a glance at the five best museums in Europe.

  1. The British Museum– London

The British Museum is the oldest national museum within the world based on 1753. It’s dedicated to history, art and culture. Its permanent collection is one among the most important and most complete.

It comes from all continents and illustrates and documents the history of human culture from its beginnings to this day. It’s considered the best museum in Europe. British Museum offers a variety of distinctive things, like rosetta stone, Sutton Hoo Helmet and Parthenon Marbles.

  1. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the heart of Amsterdam’s museum district. It is a national museum dedicated to art and history. Among the most astonishing and famous pieces not to be missed are Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Vermeer’s Dairy. Its collection includes about a million masterpieces dating from 1200 to 2000. However, only 8000 of them are currently exposed to the public.

Its covered courtyards are public spaces and are beautifully designed by the Spanish architects Cruz & Ortiz. The Rijksmuseum was also the first national museum in the world fully lit by digital LED technology (I designed the lighting). It is known not only as a great museum in Amsterdam but also as an innovator in the world of museums.

  1. Tate Modern London

A modern art gallery located in the English capital is a national gallery of international modern art. It is known for having such large meetings of exhibitions but also some of the most eccentric art installations. Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1900 to the present day and contemporary international modern art.

  1. The Louvre Paris

One of the best science museums in Europe, the Louvre Paris is a distinctive symbol of the city of Paris. It can also be extremely intimidating when you approach his collection for the first time. The list of art treasures that can be found is endless, including the Venus de Milo, Da Viner’s Mona Lisa, the dying slave of Michelangelo.

It describes its mission as facilitating meetings between people from around the world and works of art. It gathers, preserves and organizes a large number of works of art under one roof and also distributes some collections around the globe as part of an awareness program.

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