2014 UK Music Festivals

A wide range of music festivals take place in the United Kingdom. They comprise different genres of music. Most of these music festivals held in the United Kingdom are renowned all over the world. Some of the festivals take place every year and have done so for many years. There are also some festivals that do not require one to pay. Some of the 2014 UK music festivals include:

Reading Festival- both Reading and Leeds music festivals are the renowned indie, alternative and rock festivals in Britain. Together, they are considered the most ancient festivals in the world dating back to the year 1961. The festival takes place simultaneously in the two areas. One is bound to enjoy performances from top artists from both locations. Some of the artists include The Streets and Madness and Chemical Romance. The festival will take place in the month of August 22-24 in Reading.

Maverick Festival 2014- the festival entails celebrations of roots and Americana music from both ends of the Atlantic. The festival also features workshops, film, dance, comedy and music. More than forty artists feature during this festival. The festival takes place in the buildings of the Victorian farm in Suffolk. It will only take you two hours to drive to the location from London. One can purchase the tickets online. The event will take place on the 4th, 5th and 6th in the month of July 2014.

The V Festival- it takes place every year and takes place in England during the month of August. The festival takes place in two different locations. However, they share on bills and artists swap in order to perform on the two events. The performances occur in Weston Park in South Staffordshire and Hylands Park located in Chelmsford. Other music genres are acceptable during the event although considered a rock festival. Pop music performances have become common in the past years.

Enjoy a good time in the UK festivals.