11 Unmissable Spots in London When You Are Travelling Solo

11 Unmissable Spots in London When You Are Travelling Solo – While travelling with friends can be fun, you can’t really deny the charm of travelling alone. If you are planning a solo trip, then what better place than London? Whether you are a history lover, a food connoisseur, or if you simply want to capture some breathtaking cityscapes on your camera, the UK capital will offer you plenty of things to do and more to see. So even if you are alone, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time while you wander around the city.

Solo travel to London can be incredibly fun and rewarding, so enjoy your London trip and embrace the fact that you have made it to one of the world’s best cities, and you are free to do whatever you want!


Your solo trip to London will make you realise that the UK capital is a fantastic city to visit whether alone or with a companion/family. From amazing art galleries and museums to the best of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities, a plethora of options await you when you visit the city. Here are our 11 handpicked spots that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

1 – Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds, the wax museum has been in London since 1884. The eerie life-like wax statues would definitely leave you in awe.If you have always wanted to get a picture with Brad Pitt, Muhammad Ali or Barack Obama, you can get one with all of them at Madame Tussauds, London.

So when travelling solo, visit Madame Tussauds and grab the opportunity to meet your favourite actors, pop stars, and sports personality!

2- Covet Garden

Covet Garden in London is one of those places that seem to attract visitors and Londoners alike. Pick a map or a guide and take a self-guided tour to this tourist attraction.

Based in the heart of Central London, Covet Garden has become London’s most iconic area, with amazing shopping opportunities, street-performers and art scenes, bustling restaurants and more! For people travelling solo Covet Garden or Covent Garden is a must-visit place.

3 – Museum Of London

The famous landmark, Museum Of London, is an architectural masterpiece and a stunning beauty to behold. It holds a lot of British history and with its legendary exhibitions; it showcases London through the ages. So when you visit this museum you get to relive different eras of London. If you are an ardent history lover and want to know how London became the great city that it is today, then you definitely need to add Museum of London to your must-visit list.

What’s more? The entry to the Museum of London is absolutely free!

4 – Buckingham Palace

First of all, it is the official dwelling place of the Queen of England. Hanging on every wall of this iconic palace are beautiful and extraordinary works of arts. The palace opens its doors to the public from late July to September and on specific dates in December, January, and April. If you are visiting London solo and that too for the very first time, this palace is a must see.

5 – River Thames

Head to the area surrounding the River Thames for a practical lesson in history and other plenty interesting things to see. While you stroll along the River Thames, catch a glimpse of the world-famous Houses of Parliament (and Elizabeth Tower which is house to the Big Ben), and also admire the iconic dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

6- Hyde Park

To make the best out of the 350-acre Hyde Park, go ahead and rent a comfortable bike and pedal along the many paths. The rental will last all day, so enjoy your day when you ride past horse riders on the adjacent track, on the way to the picturesque Serpentine Lake. The south end is Kensington Gardens. You can peek into the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground before you head off to Kensington Palace. A tour of the public part of the palace will tell you the love story of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.

  7- Royal Opera House

Built in the year 1858, the current Royal Opera House is the third to be built at its location on Bow Street, because the previous theatres were destroyed by fires in 1808 and 1856.

The venue has expanded into a world-renowned art venue over the years and has attracted some of the biggest names in classical as well as opera music. During daytime, the Royal Opera House opens to the general public and to anyone who has pre-booked a guided tour, however, only ticket-holders are allowed in during performances.

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before each performance starts as latecomers aren’t allowed into the venue.

8- Notting Hill

Attracting thousands of people with its trendy backstreets and picturesque gardens, Notting Hill is the perfect place to spend a weekend. As a lone traveller, go to this mind-blowing place for shopping, eating, film, or just for a casual stroll.

On the weekends, the world’s largest antique market is held in the chic Notting Hill district of London city. The Portobello Road Market is actually open every day of the week while the main event day is Saturday where you find all the best outdoor stalls.

9 – The London Eye

The gigantic Ferris wheel located on the south bank of the River Thames is the perfect spot for you to catch some great selfies. The wheel stands tall at 443 feet with a diameter of 120 meters.  The complete wheel turn will take you about 30 minutes and the capsule will provide you with a stunning 360° view of London. Do the most fascinating thing as a solo traveller and witness its true beauty at night when it comes alive with bright neon colours. Get entertained with a glass of royal champagne as you enjoy a sweet ride, also a good spot to make new connections.

10 – Shoreditch

If you are travelling to London alone, Shoreditch is a great neighbourhood to visit. Here you can see murals, museums and also savour on some delicious street food.

Visit the pubs here and chat with locals who may guide you for further exciting takeaways from your trip.

11 – St. Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most iconic landmarks of London, this is the perfect place to see for any solo traveller. The Cathedral is beautiful and amusing from both in as well as the outside. It will give you the opportunity to take some exciting photos to show to friends and family back home.


Whether it is spending your time exploring the ancient churches of London, checking out the luxurious fine dining restaurants or visiting the historic museums, now is your chance to choose whatever you fancy doing and enjoy your solo time in London!


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On that note, bon voyage!



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